Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pah Du

Playdoh, or Pah Du, as Gunnar refers to it, is a favorite activity at our home. Well, it is for one of us. I love the idea of building something with bright colored clay and all sorts of toys to help contruct any creation. I hate the mess it leaves behind.
My sister has banned Playdoh from her house. I used to feel sorry for her kids; the more we play with it the more I realize her restriction from the stuff is wise and totally valid. There is always a residue left behind and small pieces that either are stomped into the carpet or left to dry on the floor and in time become swept away, dried bits of "fun". It makes my hands feel weird and tight after. Even when I wash. I wonder if I am allergic to a chemical found in Playdoh. Maybe I should look at a small specimen under my microscope to see if I can find anything that would be causing a reaction. ;) The tools of enhancement always have to be washed after too so more calcified articles aren't produced which in turn multiples the dish washing. I'm not saying I won't get it out and play Pah Du the next time Gunnar asks; I'm just saying I might see if I can get Gunnar interested in something else like my Us Weekly or maybe a pedicure, or maybe even a trip to the Dairy Queen. ;)


Anyone else share my feelings? Is it banned from your home like it is my sister's?

p.s. One of my biggest pet peeves is when dough isn't spelled correctly. I am bugged when I see donut shops. DO-NUT. What's a DO-NUT? I think it should be spelled doughnut. I got on a soap box once during class one day. One of my students look in the dictionary to see how it was spelled- donut is an acceptable spelling. What? Webster was smoking a crack pipe! ARGHHH!!! I still think it should be spelled doughnut.
Any other grammar misuses that bug you? I could go one about that for days. ;)


Jennifer P. said...

You say doughnut, I say donut, let's just call the whole thing off :)!

I have to admit that playdoh isn't my favorite thing in the world either--except the smell. I think it smells heavenly! What I don't like is the million and one tiny cutters and accessories that accompany getting our doh out. I end up picking them up from various places for days!

Love it while you can though--they really do lose interest in it soon enough.

Paige said...

I also have a love/hate relationship with the dough. I love that it keeps them busy and quiet. I HATE it when the colors get mixed and we have one huge blob of army green. And I hate the colored pellets that make their way through my home.
My spelling pet peeve is the misuse of YOU'RE and YOUR. Ugh.

hansenfive said...

I don't really have to ban playdoh from the house because I think we only have one little container, and she usually only plays with it for 5 minutes. But, if it was banable (is that a word kam?), then i would probably ban it.
and i'm with you on DONUT...bugs me too. but they taste so good...does it really matter?

Michelle said...

I was never allowed play-doh as a kid for all of your aforementioned reasons and I truly, honestly felt a void. So of course, we have the squishy stuff in my house and concurrently, I also hate everything that goes with it.

As for grammar, I am a nut over the proper pronunciation of sherbet. Only one 'R' to be found therein... also of late I'm a little bugged when those with PhD's still say "ex-cetera". Argh. said...

i love play-doh.
it's so good for them to play with! mixing colors, building, cutting, stacking, pretending...i just love it.
wood floors help with clean up.
we just have a big plastic box with all the toys in it that are only for play-doh. when they are done playing we shove it all in...without cleaning a single thing off. next time you play it's dry and comes right off.
and it's cheap.
if i had carpet i would be more hesitant or fancy furniture...
sorry - do i seem like i am on my soap-box now?
i wish i had a donut right now...

Jennifer P. said...

Hey! I've honestly been thinking about what my spelling peeves are all day (yes--it was a slow day) and I came up with two: One is the Froot in Froot Loops--my kids still think that that's how you spell fruit. The other is the fact that Wal Mart has a star in between the Wal and Mart. My kids think you have to 'spell' it that way (with the star!) too.

Gee--that was a productive use for my brain today :).

Rebecca said...

Kam you are so funny. The doughtnut thing bugs me too. Pla-doh is a nightmare to clean up. But in the name of education, it's fabulous for the fine motor skills. And my boys need all the help they can get with manipulatives.

Danielle said...

Playdoh is not banned from my house, but tightly monitored. The kids ask to play it all the time and occassionally I let them (you know those days you do not mind cleaning up a huge mess :o)! My problem with it is that you have all these beautiful colors and all my kids manage to do is mix them together so they look like a brown/green blob. What a dissappointment!

I am glad to hear I am not alone as the playdoh nazi! Remember also that they will get plenty of playdoh time at preschool!