Sunday, January 13, 2008



The other day Gunnie and I went out so it would be quiet for Daddy (I passed on the strep to the entire house; we are all on antibiotics and doing just fine now.). We dug up all the weeds in the yard, rode our bikes, and then we blew bubbles. I am not trying to be super, ultra profound, but I couldn't help thinking while we were enjoying the gorgeous day, each other's company and the simple joy of soapy water turned magical with a little bit of personal wind how much Gunnar's life right now is like a bubble. It's jovial, free, delicate, and fleeting.



Every day he strings a new sentence together, reminding me of how smart and aware he is. Every day he makes me mindful to the importance of stopping activities that won't matter later to appreciate a crawling creature in the dirt or feel the wind blow on my face. Every day he makes me feel grateful to be experiencing this life as his mom. Every day I can't imagine any day without him. I'm crying now. I love that little boy just as his mother should-whole-heartily. So while he is young and blowing bubbles and watching in amazement as they dance around him I wish to be by his side, amazed too.


Gunnar- When you are grown I hope you still find joy in blowing bubbles. I love you son.
xoxo Mommy Mom



hansenfive said...

Paige cried on the way to the car yesterday, then halfway home. No reason...i can only link it to leaving her new found buddy...she has really taken to him. Thanks for entertaining her during was nice to be able to listen. I'll return the favor one of these days.

Jennifer P. said...

You will never regret a moment of putting yourself off to spend time doing child-like things with your son. And he is going to forever remember that you were there. What a good mommy! Glad you got all filled up with the warm fuzzies, and got to watch some bubbles too!

Kate said...

being a mom IS amazing.

The Cardenas Clan said...

So this response is for your previous orange blog...You found my favorite bagel place on this earth. Ode to Bagel Me....I can't get enough of the cheese everything toasted with cream cheese..bummer there aren't any close. I used to work in Brea and that is how I found this wonderful place!!

Ronee said...

Kam~ thanks for the sweet comment on my last post. I have so much to say about your comment, but I will try not to take up too much space in your comments.
I am the queen of the land of fear, so I know it first hand. I think you have a natural gift/eye for photography and I think you should try to do something with it. What have you got to lose, if you try? Nothing.
A friend told me about how Dane Sanders is doing something to fast track wedding photgraphers from amateur to pro. Look here I don't know if you are interested in wedding photography, though.

Then, when I was looking for that, I found this other resource for you to check out. Go here... This woman's blog also has some posts about tips for parents who want to take better pics of their kids.

Anyway, I really think you should go for it. Push aside your fear. And how fortunate are you to have friends who are amazing photographers (Jessica, Becker). I am sure they would give you some tips to get started.

Okay, I have said enough for now.

God Bless!

Tonya said...

i love bubbles...

looks like a relaxing afternoon...