Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Booked my Flight: We Are Headed to Utah

It is time for a visit with family. It's time for a swim with my nieces. It's time for some rest with extra hands to watch the babes. It's time to reconnect with old friends. It's time to meet new friends through my camera. 

I am booking Utah sessions now. :) 

I will be there the 8th-20th of June. I will be staying in the Pleasant Grove area, but am willing to travel as far as Bountiful and clear to Nephi. (If you are just barely out of these areas we can totally work something out!) Give me a hollar at if you are interested in family, maternity, baby, kids, engagement, or even your wedding (if it falls during that time)photographs. I would love to meet you and spend some time with you too!! 

Anyone interested in a shoot at Cafe Rio? OR the Purple Turtle? OR SONIC? ;) 

Until then...some highlights from my trip to Ut last summer.

I am thinking about entering a few of these in a kids summer competition in Laguna Beach this year. I think they personify summer:

This year there will be one more face to add: Little Larkee.

I can't wait to see these girls and love all over their sweetness!

And this guy can't wait to get his Barbie-on! ;)

And spend some time with the girl cousins.

We are so looking forward to a nice, long visit with the fam. 

Give me a shout-out if you are interested in meeting up for pictures!! xoxo Kam

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Favorite Things

A long, long, long, really long, long, long time ago my girlfriend Bec tagged me in a post and asked me to share my favorite things. I was swamped at the time with grad work and photography stuff so I wasn't able to respond to the tag. (I am still swamped with said endeavors, but wanted to incorporate some answers into this post....)

If I was Oprah I would create a basket for all of you filled with my favorites; since I am not the talk-show goddess with pockets the deep as the world's banks, this metaphorical basket will have to suffice.

Favorite Things, Currently, In no Particular Order:

My favorite part of the day is when Jaren walks in from work, kisses me like I am a rock-star and then loves on our babies. OR when Jaren walks in from work whacks my bum and says, "Good Game!", and then loves on our babies!! ;)

My favorite current Hollywood celebrity. My favorite Hollywood Celebrity. Period.

Favorite way to pass time. Favorite way to pass more time.

This lip-gloss ,for sure my fav right now!

This fabric softener. I want to shower in it and bathe my children in it.

This restaurant will always be a favorite. TRUE STORY. California is getting one. A real one. In Lake Forest in 2010. Prayers really are answered.

Favorite Lens...EVER!

Favorite thing in our garage, and there are a lot of things out there, believe me...

Favorite secret thing I like to do right now: Dance while driving...not a secret any more!!

Favorite drink: A Diet Coke Big Gulp size from 7-11 with extra cherry syrup. I mean so much extra that it tastes like Robitussin.

Current Favorite TV Show. (No teasing allowed!) Summer Favorite TV Show. (Can I get a WOOT WOOT for May 21st?) Will always love this TV Show.

A lot of those things don't even fit in a basket, and the list could go on and on, but now I want to introduce you to  a new favorite Megan in my life, and she is sporting my favorite pregnant belly.

What belly? You are probably asking. I had the same question when we first met. I thought she was like 4 months along...she is 8, almost done and is so, so tiny. In fact it was tricky in a few of her shots making it look like we were shooting maternity. I had to tell her to push her stomach out...not kidding...

Don't hate ladies; we can't all be ethereal creatures when we are pregnant. That pregnancy is reserved for a few choice individuals, and New Favorite Megan is one of them.

Megan's hair and make up are brought to you by the letters K and H. The ultra, insanely talented Katie Hoffman gave Meg a little extra pregnancy glow with the perfect coif and awesome face paint. (She was totally right Meg; see how well it photographed! Always trust the stylist!! ;)) If you are in the San Juan Cap area or close to it book a session with Katie today. You will leave feeling like a million bucks; she really is a great stylist who will become your instant friend!!

We can't give all the credit to Katie however, New Favorite Megan has so much to offer in the gorgeous-to-look at category!

Love this one:

Megan was in town this past weekend for her baby shower. I was honored to be a part of her agenda. We clicked immediately and started telling each other all our stories right away. I felt like we could have been slumber-party friends. Our likes were so similar it was crazy! I love it when you meet someone that is so like you in so many ways. It is refreshing to me, to feel so understood so quickly. I also am fascinated by how two strangers can feel like they have known each other for a lifetime after minutes of meeting. Very surreal. Ultra cool.

SO pretty Megan, in such pretty light! I know, right? Where's the belly? ;)

She smiled a lot; I LOVE PEOPLE WHO SMILE A LOT! They are just good and nice, and the ones you want to be around. I think a smile says so much about a person and her perspective on life and living. 

New Favorite Megan seeks joy, finding it and sharing it. 

Not so much about the belly, but a beautiful portrait of Meg. I love how more and more women are choosing to immortalize pregnancy through portraiture. One mom I recently photographed told me, "One day she [the pending baby] is going to love these pictures." I thought that was so true. Our children really do love to look at pictures and yes, they will love the memories of what mom and dad looked like before they arrived.

Meg wanted a few pictures with her mom. I thought that was so sweet. No one loves you like your mother, and at a time like this the best person to rely on for empathy is that one woman who carried you and delivered you to this earth. 

It was obvious their relationship is something they both hold close to their hearts.

I found some toile that was in the box for the shower; I thought it would add some color...and clue you in to the type of baby she is having.

A BOY!!!  HAHAHAHAHA! I am killing myself here! She is expecting a baby girl: Elle Scott. (LOVE, LOVE THAT NAME! Elle because Megs loves it and Scott after Baby's Daddy; isn't that cool?)

The most perfect pregnant belly EVER. See why it's my favorite! ;)

A hug for Baby:

Little pink detail:

I usually don't go to a shoot with a concept in mind. I just arrive, scope things out, and let the picture taking cards fall where they may. I met up with New Favorite Megan with a concept. I wanted to get pictures of her doing things that she would eventually do with Baby. I ran it by her and she was totally up for the idea and was such a good sport. (I also thought it would be so cool to shot them both again later, back at the same places, Mom and Baby that time instead of Mom and Belly...)

They will read countless books together:

Blow innumerable bubbles together:

Hard to see the belly here...but LOVED these images:

Grandma will play too.
Once again, loved this:

They will shop the mac counter together and shoe shop together:

They will shop the Barbie and baby aisle together:

So fun:
Megs, I think you are going to need a bigger "baby-pusher" than that. ;)

They will shop Forever 21 together. (New Favorite Megan will fit in those clothes and be eternally hip to wear them even when her baby is old enough to sort through the racks.)

They will laugh and giggle and love being together while riding the carousel:
(Meg was a GREAT sport. I made her ride it twice. The first with me, the second alone. I had to get off, you know me, I get sick on the swings at the park.)

LOVED THIS IMAGE! Possibly my favorite from the shoot even though that is hard to label. It isn't about the baby at all but about her sweet, kind, fun, good, loving, and gorgeous mother! I also thought stylistically it was cool and the framing of the Megan was fun and distinctive.

Loved these two. New Favorite Megan is so photogenic and was so good with the camera. She worked it for sure!! There needs to be an America's Top Maternity Model. NFM (New Favorite Megan) would win.

She and Baby Elle will play at many a water park together and make and eat many a cupcake together:

Loved the framing on this one too:

Most importantly they will love and learn and grow together. Megan, you are someone very special. Baby Elle is going to change your life in so many ways, all of them bright and beautiful, and you will be the most important and revered person in her little life from the second she is born. No matter what you two do together may it always be time spent making memories. May you enjoy the last few weeks of time just you and Scott; that too is precious, sacred time; you will never get it back. May you look forward to turning the page on this chapter of your life and starting a new one with one of your life's greatest accomplishments. May you have an epidural; may it come the second you ask! ;) May you drink in your baby's every breath. May you hold her a bit longer, rock her a bit slower, and love her a bit deeper than you even thought possible. May you bottle up every moment you have watching her grow, and may they all be filled with smiles and laughter.

NFM,Thank you for spending the afternoon with me; I like you very, very much!  I could have spent the entire weekend with you laughing, sharing stories, talking about our favorite things, and would have been entertained the entire time. Until our next slumber-party, xoxo Kam

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Belle

It's good exercise for her to lift those flowers and bows that I insist she wear; it works her neck muscles! ;) We love you Larkee. 

She is 7 months this month; don't turn your back, right? Where did my little, little 6lbs 9oz baby girl go? Now she weighs 17lbs. 17lbs. of pudding; I love it!! Squishy babies are the best.

More from Lark and Big Brother soon...
I have some great Gunnar stories to share...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Way Too Excited: A Sneak Peek

I met a new friend today! We talked for hours like we had known each other for years! Got in from her shoot an hour ago and couldn't wait to get something up to show her! Megs...something sweet for you!! I loved the stillness of this moment! MUCH more soon...Kam

p.s. It was so good meeting you today!! May your party this weekend be filled with magical pink things!!xoxo K

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Sprite: A Shout-Out to my Home-Corn

I have known this angel since she sat in the front row of my honors English class and occupied the back bank of computers in the publications class I advised. Now, she resides fondly in my heart, my facebook, my twitter, and my text messaging!! ;)

An ethereal creature for sure!! (Ethereal: that was a vocab word your sophomore year. Remember Whit? That is so ironic. Another topic of study that year! I am killing myself here!)

I first met Whitney when she was 15. Now she is 21 and is doing what all 21 year-olds do: spend countless hours studying theories, poetry, and theorems,  lose themselves researching in the University library, take on extra units to occupy their time so as not to waste it idly waiting for graduation, travel abroad to find self in the fields of Europe, sip lattes while studying Tolstoy, Frost, and Keats... amongst other things. ;) In my mind Whitney, and the rest, will be eternally 15 (that makes me eternally 26 ;)) year-old sophomores in high school. I have memories of Whit sitting at my desk sharing her high school heartaches and drama. Memories of us laughing so hard in the back of room 903 about the most ridiculous "home-corn" stuff that we thought was so funny. Memories of yearbook camp, WWII, war brides, and baby fascinations ;). Memories of making Caitlin run around and do silly stuff; sorry Cait. 

Memories of a girl who touched my heart and grew up, to leave an indelible mark on my life. 

I do love how many of my students have become my friends. Individuals I enjoy having in my home and sharing time with. (Isn't it funny??...How many of you would have thought you would have enjoyed time with me and my family after the first day of school routine? ;)) 

I always knew I was going to hold Whitney dearly. Wherever she walks, roses bloom. When she talks, laughter permeates.

If you are hurting, she will carry you. 

If you need to feel funny, she laughs at your jokes.

If you need a friend, she is present.

If you need quiet, she is still.

If you need to feel like the only person alive, she focuses on you.

If you need to feel loved, she loves. Sincerely and deeply.

Her depth of character is profound, and her understanding of people and their needs inspiring. It is impossible to spend time with her and NOT want to be a better person that leaves a stronger mark on this world; it is impossible to NOT want to be like Whit.

She sent me a text a few days ago: "I love who you are." It made me feel so special and loved. I hope Whitney knows and feels the same when she is with me. She deserves to feel the same amount of love that she shares with this world. 

Whitney knows no guile. She loves all people, cultures, religions and ideas. (If you are not following her on should! She is hysterical. Follow whitneylaw. She recently twittered about her interest in Native American Cultures. She is good stuff. You can also follow her on her blog; she has an awesome eye for photography and is coming into her own quickly. I saw that coming a long time ago...She is so creative it blows me away!) She has a special affinity for individuals with special needs and in her usual Whitty style shares her heart openly with them.

Her life hasn't been completely easy, even though her beauty would make you think it has been. She lost her dad at an early age, had a terrible accident in college that broke her hip bone and forced her to leave the college of her dreams, was in a relationship that crushed her spirit on many levels...Her perspective on these events is enlightening: someday, someone is going to need her compassion and empathy. She is going to be able to say, "I understand how you feel." and really mean it. Her limits of compassion are endless. Her current boyfriend's, (His name is Grant. He is good and nice! Jaren and I happen to think he is a total rock-star and we can't wait to have him back to the house.) mom suffered from cancer. To walk closely with this woman and her heartache, Whitney shaved her head when Grant's mom was faced with that moment, just so she wouldn't have to do it alone. That is compassion, personified. That is a very good person. Whitney, is a very good person.

Grant , waxing philosophical.

Whit, seeing right through it.

It is so cliche, but Whitney truly deserves the best this world has to offer. She is humble and accepting of what others tell her because she wants to be better; that is inspiring in itself.

 She is one of my favorite people because when I am with her she makes me feel so loved, accepted, understood, and funny! (She has always laughed at my jokes. Thanks Whit!) 

Whitney is going to do great things with her life, and all of her loves. She is a survivor and a shining light! I am blessed to know her and have her in my life.

Now Whitney, follow this link. Fill out the paperwork and enter the competition. Seriously. Every time I clicked the shutter she slammed me with a new, inventive, genius pose. Not to mention those eyes, killer legs, and the spunk she exudes! She is made for this show!! Anyone else think she has a really great shot at America's Next Top Model? Leave her some love in the comments below; she deserves it!!

Whitty-Woo, Chino loves you! C-town does too.

May you always know how much you are loved. May you know that I admire you on so many levels. May you always drink your diet coke with extra cherry syrup. May you always dance to your own voice. May you listen to the sound of your heart whispering the directions you should follow. May you always find the beauty around you. May you always inspire those you meet to be better people, just like you. I love you so much Woo! xoxo Nuz ;)

And because it was so pretty...the sneak more time.

p.s. Being with you made me homesick for the old days. So homesick that I think we need to have a reunion. What say ye? If you are following this blog and were a member of the yearbook/newspaper staff at Tesoro High School during the years 2002-2007 let's reunite. What do you think Whit, Caitlin, Brittany, Amanda, Leon, Alyssa, Ashley, Kara, and anyone else who was on the staff who is following silently? Let's do it!! Get on your phones or facebook and see how many people you can round up. Anyone interested in being the coordinator? I will provide the house and the food...I would love to see everyone again and get us all together.