Saturday, April 4, 2009


This family was full of it.

Last weekend I got Newport sand in my shoes, under my shirt, in my hair, and I think even under my contacts (ouch!!), but it was totally worth it to be able to spend some time with a family who knows how to laugh and enjoy  being together.

A while ago my friend Eva bought me as a gift for her mother-in-law. (I thought that was such a GREAT idea! What do you give a person who has everything? Family Pictures!! Such. A. Great. Idea! Besides, what are grandparents always asking for? New pictures of the grand-babies!! ;)) Pam and Fred have such attractive grandkids that it is no surprise they would be interested in having more pictures of the kids' darling faces in their home.

I met Grace and Izzy first. Sweet girls. Grace was a perfect model, and Izzy was enchanted by the sound of my camera's shutter; that was GREAT because it helped her hold really still! ;)

I loved the light in this image, and how it innocently kissed her hair. It made her look even that much more ethereal!!

Sherry, Grace and Izzy's mom. I really liked this picture! Moms don't get to be the focus of a picture all that often; I think every mom should treat herself to pictures...just of herself! ;)

Pretty isn't she?

Her husband, Gator (cool name huh?), was a good sport, but like most guys he burned out pretty quickly on taking pictures. I had to smile when I saw this one. ;) Don't be mad Gator; I couldn't help myself! I loved all the expressions in this shot and how honest and genuine they were. I also loved how Izzy is really the only person in focus and how sweet her expression is.

A family shot:

Shortly after I met Bailey. She and I have an affinity for music, namely Lady Gaga! :) Bailey, every time I listen to her songs I think of you now. ;)

I loved the coloring of all three of these images.

Bailey's brother G. He kept the family laughing for sure!! (You know what I am talking about G! ;)

I will never look at the "moon" the same way again.

They pretended to not like each other but I could tell under the rough exterior that they were friends.


I liked their mom, Jennifer immediately. She was so playful with both of her children and knew what to say and do to get them to laugh or smile. I also really liked their dad, Brian, he was humble and kind: two traits I am so magnetized to.

And last but certainly not least, Ellie and Ruby! I think Ruby will be pulling the same shenanigans as G when she's older! Watch out G! She has got the spunk to run with you someday!

She is flashing me here. Need I say more? ;)

I loved this moment and how fascinated she was by her shadow or is it the crack in the sidewalk? Whatever it is, I loved how it made her stop and notice something new.

A moment with her stunning mom.

And here is big sis, Ellie. Who is one of the most mellow kids I have ever met!! Who has some of the most beautiful peepers I have ever seen! Check out those eyes!

Loving on Nick, her dad:

Eva and her girls. Like I said, pictures like this are so rare, since mom is usually the one taking the photo. It is so sweet to have a moment like this with the little people that matter the most to a mother's heart!

Their family together. LOVED their expressions in this shot.

The two that started this gorgeous offspring, Pam and Fred.

AND the entire fam damily. ;)

Pam, Fred, Brian, Jennifer, Bailey, G, Gator, Sherry, Grace, Izzy, Eva, Nick, Ellie, and Ruby: May the beach always be a place for you to remember one another. May your family time and memories always be filled with laughter. Thanks for sharing some time with me!!


Sheryl said...

Wow, wow, wow! You continue to pull me into your photo shoots, I want to know these people, cuz I know you have brought out the best in them! Magic...

Sarah Castor said...

Awesome job! Those all look great! I hope to continue to learn from you!

tracyallegre said...

Wowza, it's not easy to get 14 people in a shot - great job Kam.