Wednesday, October 29, 2008


if i make that sound louder than she is crying, she usually stops.
my girl cries. A LOT.
i ordered a peaceful baby. my next one, if there is a next one, will be purchased from nordstrom; you can return anything there.
the following are rare moments when she was peaceful for 1 of the 24 hours in the day. ;)
she is quiet when i bathe her. i really enjoy tub time. sometimes she bathes two times a day just because she is so calm.
i was reading an article for grad school (yes, i am going this semester, and yes, i am almost done. ;)) about how schools are similar to prisions and other correctional facilities. it was super interesting actually. even before they hit school they spend some time behind bars.
due to the acid reflux she has to sleep a bit elevated. she is either in the swing or a chair that vibrates. the only bust with the chair is that it is on a timer. she knows when the 15 minutes are up and starts to cry. the second i turn it back on she quiets down. she currently owns my life; she is the boss of me.
sleep is a dream. i watch the night turn to day and the day turn to night. it is tricky right now to be up with the moon and dead tired with the sunshine. i can't remember what i did yesterday or what is expected of me tomorrow; i ache for normalcy. but when she recognizes my voice or calms for two minutes when i tell her i love her i remind myself that this time is short, and soon, she will go to bed at a proper bedtime, sleep peacefully through the night, and be up in the morning, happy and smiling, ready to spend a day with me and big brother.
larkin and gunnar,
you are a blessing in my life; i love you both very much.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I love when parents decide to name their daughters and sons after places: India, Asia, Dakota, Cheyenne, London, and Brooklyn are some highlights I think.
But my new favorite is Montana; Tana for short.
Last week I had a shoot with a super, ultra cool and hip mom and her gorgeous kids. I met Summer through this shoot. Tiffany, Stella and Drake's mom, is Summer's sister. (I feel so flattered when my name is recommended to others especially family members; thanks Tiffany!!) 10 minutes after meeting Tiffany it felt like we had known each other for years. We had immediate connections and bonds; I liked her instantly. She introduced me to her sister and it was the same. They both have the most magnetic personalities. Thinking about them right now has me smiling and laughing a bit to myself. In fact, Gunnar just asked me what I was laughing at... Just thoughts of these two sisters who have become my friends. Actually, it feels like more than that. They are friends I would shoe shop with, share a yummy dessert with, even vacation with; I love it when you meet complete strangers and then they turn suddenly into girls you want to have around. That's how I feel about these two. Tiffany and Summer, when can we get together again?
Summer called me a few weeks ago to set up some pictures of her kids. She just had a baby about a week before me, in fact we were supposed to be in the hospital at the same time, but alas, Larkee didn't want to leave her wet womb. Anyway, the shoot had several purposes: baby, baby and Tana together, and all 4 kiddos together for a Christmas card. Summer has two older kids, and two youngers (on the phone she threw in real quick that they are all from the same marriage...). I think that is neat actually when a couple thinks they might be done but then realizes they aren't and they go for it. So, Summer and Bobby have two olders and two youngers. I asked Summer how she felt about being a "young mom and and old mom". She told me, "I have friends everywhere I go." She is super involved in their lives and is so stinkin' cool; I hope Chase, Abby, Tana, and Cooper know how lucky they are.
Enough with the prose. Let's see these enchanting kids...
Let's start with my new favorite name. Tana is the oldest of the youngest and she has SPIRIT!
Summer told me we had to work fast with her. Like most kids they start strong and then lose it fast. Tana did great!! She was bribed with loads of candy; that always helps.
Loved this series:
She was so much fun!
Tana got over pictures, like most kids her age, real quick. She decided she didn't really want anything to do with them.
I left her alone for a bit and loved on this new baby. Baby Cooper. Who is every bit as charming as the rest of them.
Every baby I meet right now is peaceful and mellow. Two adjectives that will never describe my littles. :) Cooper falls into the sublimely mellow and serenely peaceful category.
He is a love, and there is absolutely no hope for him, he will be as handsome as the rest of them.
I enjoyed listening to Summer talk to him. She was saying such sweet baby things. I loved it and even felt soothed myself, just listening to her.
He is sugar.
With maybe a touch of spice. ;)
Summer wanted some pictures of her two youngest together. By that time Tana had checked out and wanted nothing else to do with me or that big machine I held in front of my face.
The second oldest, Abigail Rilla, is a model. She has done some print work and most recently was in a commercial. I was in the presence of a star. This girl is something else.
She is so gorgeous, but has no idea of it. She was super sweet and carried a great conversation with me the entire afternoon. At one point she was missing, only to be found doing homework in her room. Studious too! Her mom said while I was there, "It's what's inside that matters though, right Abby?"
This gal has pretty insides too. ;)
Watch out for her in HandM, Gap, and other print work, and on tv. Her stage name is Rilla W....Such a glamorous stage name. I love it!
Abby, it was cool hanging with you.
Chase the oldest came home from school and his mother immediatly rushed him to wardrobe so we could get the family picture before Tana had a serious melt-down. Before we negotiated with Tana though, I snapped a few of him solo.
Chase just had a birthday last Friday, I think. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it was awesome! He is officially a teen. Such a great time in life. Hormones, mood swings,'s GREAT! I am teasing. Chase is what I hope Gunnar grows up to be: personable, helpful, kind, funny, compassionate, and stinkin' good looking... ;)
There is a 13 year difference between these bros. It won't matter; they will still be close. This family is just like that.
Chase, I hope the birthday was great and I hope all the girls that are in love with you will leave you alone for a while and let you get some rest. ;)
Something I do really like about shooting kids though is that they are captured, immortalized the way they are, right now. Last Christmas we had our family pictures taken at Disneyland. They were outstanding. Every image was phenominal, but every photograph either had Gunnar crying or pouting or being non-compliant. That was just the way he was at the time. I wasn't disappointed at all. There are several framed in our home. They will be great memories for him, and for us someday. May these be great memories for you someday too, Summer and Bobby.
Still a bit over it. Tana gets to be the star of this family picture.
I really liked this one actually. Not typical, posed, or expected, but a taste of each personality.
Before I snapped this Tana was jumping on the bed. Those are cute too. (They are in your gallery Sum.) I am telling you, that girl is good stuff. She needs to have her own show. The Tana Show. Everyone would watch, I assure you.
And...after many bribes...we got this...
Summer, Chase, Abby, Tana, and Coop-
Thanks so much for sharing some time with me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt a little sad to leave. Your home is filled with such laughter and love. There is a warmth there that is non-paralled. Chase, may you be on winning soccer teams. Abby, may they give you all the clothes from your shoots. Tana, may your days and nights be filled with more Dora and candy. Cooper, may you sleep, at least 6 hours a night.
Summer, you are a gift to your family and to everyone you meet. I could have talked to you all day long and not been bored for one minute. ;) You are hereby invited to every party I ever throw; you would be the life of it. Thanks for the time and love you showed me. May you always live in technicolor vibrancy!! xoxo Kamee June

Bobby: Found

It had been more than 48 hours; hope dwindled. Gunnar, while playing a round of hide-and-seek ducked into the hall closet. He rushed triumped.

Bobby has returned.


Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh my goodness! I don't know how it happened, but Bobby is MIA!!
Has anyone seen a bluish/grayish rag, I mean blanket, that is relatively soft minus the clumps of dried food, with a slight odor of black plague.
If found please return to a sad and lonely 3 year old boy.
Gunnar says he is worth his whole college fund. Start looking folks...he's got some serious cash and he is willing to give it all away to the person who can find his, "breast friend".

We have looked everywhere; where is that dratted blanket?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Pictures in the California Country

I am starting to slowly get back into my crazy busy life, adding things back in little by little. My life has always been a juggle and for some bizarre reason, I am happiest and feel most fulfilled when I am busy. (I feel better about all of my tasks when i get rest...that will come...)
I have started shooting again. Not full force but enough to remind me how much I love my camera, photoshop, and being with people.
Last weekend JR and Casey packed up their darling kiddos and headed to me, to the California Country, for a fun, relaxed family shoot.
(Casey and JR, the border is cuting of your is not that way in the original! ;) Just an FYI. ;))
Working with kids is a dance. I have to move fast before the music runs out and the kids stop dancing. These little shutter bugs held strong for a long time.
Kenzie, their oldest, is so imaginative and creative. She is also very curious and inquisitive. I love that quality in kids.
Kayla, is spunky and energetic. She walks with a skip and is so interested in everything she sees.
Ethan, the newest addition, is mellow and easy. Mellow and easy. What would that be like? I don't know if I will ever know. He is such a sweet baby and that is a gift. He gets a little extra photo love since we weren't able to do his newborn shoot.
This one's for you Casey...;)
Two big sisters for one little brother. That's lucky.
I actually really like this family picture. It illustrates how everyone is right now. Kayla: fascinated. Kenzie: spirited. Ethan: mellow. JR and Casey: totally engaged. ;) So Awesome!
What's lucky is that these kids have JR and Casey as their parents.
I overheard Casey talking to Kenzie about faires and unicorns. It was such sweet magical talk. She told me later that she is huge believer in make-believe and imagination. I think that is so great and so neat for her kids. Imagination: a child's best friend.
JR is a very involved father; I love seeing that dynamic in a family.
I couldn't resist shooting Casey alone. She has the most stunning eyes and there is a very personable attitude and kindness about her.
Just a couple... of the original couple before the babies came.
JR, Casey, and family- Thanks again so much for making the trip to me. It was nice meeting up again. Your family is special and I can tell you all have so much love for eachother. I appreciated hearing all the make-believe stories and felt inspired by the "pixie dust" idea; thanks, Casey. May your family always find the magic this life has to offer!! Thanks again for sharing some time with me.
And the fields they made the trip for...