Friday, November 28, 2008

Diamond Rio, Sage, not the Herb, and Sadie, Sadie Funny Lady

November has been busy. I had to write a 20 page paper and create a 25 slide presentation for grad school. My daughter has had a slew of "getting used to earth" problems. My son has had stomach flu and was slammed with double ear infections. There was a holiday followed by much decorating for the next holiday. AND I have had a shoot every weekend sometimes twice a week. (In fact I have been so inundated with picture work that I have had to turn some people away. :( That makes me so sad. Sometimes I wish I had a time drive-thru. I would like to add a few hours of time on to some of my days.)The month has gone by at warp speed. I am grateful for the work, the challenge, and the health we have now.

I am also grateful for all of the families I have been able to meet this month. It has been fun meeting new people and seeing new family dynamics. After each session I leave with a greater sense of family and the importance we are to each other. Thank you to every family that has welcomed me into their homes for a little bit of time this month; I have enjoyed you all tremendously.

Last Wednesday I shot a family (that sounds so funny!!) that had me in stitches; I was laughing so hard. They were good stuff. The kids weren't afraid to hug each other and hold hands; the parents were super, ultra hip and cool. All together they made for a great afternoon! And their needs to be in a parade of homes. It is so stunning. If anyone is looking for a decorator or a mason let me know. I have contacts for you after last Wednesday's shoot. ;)

Let's start with the smallest shall we? Sadie. Her mom told me her initials are SAS. She is sassy, that's for sure. I love that quality though in girls. They can hold their own; that is important.

Sadie loves Monkeys. Isn't it interesting the things we are gravitated to? I love Nordstrom and microscopes. Sadie, monkeys.

This girl is spunk, sas, and spirit all rolled into one. It was impossible to be around her and not be smiling or laughing.

Aren't her curls to die for?

In between two sisters is one tough, but tender brother: Sage.

He is a soccer star and is headed to London for a huge game with his cousin this month. I am so excited for him and his up-and-coming trip.

He is a star on the field and in this family too; he is really good to his sisters. I love seeing brothers who take care of their sisters and look out for them. It is sweet, and good, and nice.

Sage. Doesn't that sound like the name of a rockstar athelete? Doesn't this face look like it will be on soccer posters all over the world some day? ;) He also has really, really cool hair.

Speaking of great names. I think I found one of my favorites: Rio. Seriously. Could there be a more outstanding name? Larkin might not have been Larkin had I met Rio 9 weeks earlier.

Rio is heading into the years when kids believe they know more than their parents. ;) She too is a soccer star and is super talented on the field. She loves music (Oh, yeah Rio and Sage, it's Let it Rock, by Kevin Rudolf. I thought of it two seconds after I got in my car. Download it for sure. ;)) and has a crush on Edward, the vampire, like most girls (and some grown-ups even) her age.

I really liked talking to her about her life: boys, soccer, itunes, friends, movies, know all the things 12 year olds are consumed by.

Load the shot-gun, Guy. No boy, or vampire, for that matter is going to be able to stay far away from this beauty. ;)

I loved how good they were to each other while I shot these. They laughed and played, held hands and hugged. It was really neat to see siblings interact this way. They got frustrated with each other too, but that comes with the nature of being related and living together. ;)

I loved this one:

Guy and Laura are exceptionally gifted people. Laura, like I said earlier is a very talented decorator. Her home was absolutely phenominal. She has an eye for color and texture that is remarkable. Guy, knows his brick. Together they are a hot team. Figuratively and literally. ;)

Laura didn't want any pictures of herself alone. I couldn't help sneaking one though. She was so personable, I liked her instantly and could have stayed and chatted the evening away talking about colors, fabrics, and decorations while sitting in their killer hot tub.

Isn't she pretty?

These two are great parents and I heard them take on several of the kid squabbles with humor and personality. I found that refreshing. Guy and Laura, you might not feel it now, but your kids are truly grateful for you. They are also very lucky to have your influence in their lives.

A few choices for the wall and the Christmas card. ;)

Everyone together:

Love all the peronalities in this one:

Guy, Laura, Rio, Sage, and Sadie- Thanks for all the laughs and fun. You guys are GREAT! Your home is lovely but the people who inhabit it are even lovelier. I am a huge fan of your entire family. Guy, may the bricks keep laying! Laura, may your fabrics be as gorgeous as you! Rio, may you continue to dance to your ipod and your own interior music (p.s. listen to your parents...I know it is hard to believe but they understand you! ;). Sage, SCORREEEEE!!! Good luck on the field! May your room be filled with trophies. Sadie, May you always monkey around; it is your most endearing trait. May you all have a very happy and blessed holiday season. Thanks for welcoming me into your home and sharing some time with me! xoxo kamee june

And Now For Some Red and Green!

Christmas is here again! Stand up and cheer again! YAHOOOO!!! YIPPEEEEEE!! Happy shopping and celebrating everyone. Here's a little bit of Christmas cheer then I am off to try and decorate the house...
p.s. Thanks for the great idea Kate! There will be more where this came from! ;)
Happy Holidays!! Kam

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

May it be delicious and filled with your favorite people! xoxo Kam

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good People

I have a friend named Matt. When he likes someone he says, "SO and SO is good people. Good people." Last Saturday I hung out with some good people...
One of those good people stole my heart two seconds after we were introduced. He is smart, witty, and an excellent conversationalist. My heart skipped a beat when he grabbed my hand in the parking lot and held it tight; I haven't been able to get his sweet brown eyes and endearing personality out of my mind. Meet Alex, my newest crush. He's three and he is good people.
He has an older brother, Jayden, who is just as charming.
They love each other very much. (Isn't it lucky to have siblings? What a gift a brother or a sister can be...)
I loved little Alex's arm in this one; so sweet. I was so impressed with them. They were good to each other, kind to their mother, excellent listeners, and very well mannered. It was really neat to see such respectful boys.
Jayden is a good and nice big brother,
and soon, Alex is going to be a big brother too.
Their darling mom, Coleen, is having a baby.
I really, really, really like her. She is personality plus!
Coleen is one of those people you could talk to all day long and not get bored...ever. She is so interesting; her character has so many textures and levels. I found her ultra fascinating.
She is super smart, intimidatingly so. She has her own business that is very successful. Just from talking to her I know she is serving so many people and changing so many lives both professionally and in her personal life.
I not only found her to be interesting, fun, spirited, and energetic, but also peaceful and grounded, especially in the things that matter most, like her family.
This pending baby, Jayden and Alex are so lucky to have her as their mother.
She seeks to understand, which I think is such a rare trait found in people. Her eyes are kind; her heart compasionate.
She is the type of person you would choose to have lunch with, go shopping with, or go on a nice long walk with because she listens, shows emphathy and makes you laugh.
One of my favorites:
Coleen, Your flare for life, family, career, and adventure is inspiring. I enjoyed our time together very much. Your children are a tribute to you and Jared, and just as they are a blessing in your life, YOU are a blessing in theirs as well. Thanks for the afternoon at the beach; it was refreshing to walk in the sand for a while, feel the salty breeze on my face, and hang out with a new friend. ;) I think you are wonderful.
Soon their will be two more hands to hold.
And what kind of baby are those lucky brothers going to have?
It's a...
Jared, Coleen, Jay, and Alex, Congratulations! I am so excited to meet Sophia, Chloe, Zoe, or Avie...whatever you choose will be perfect for you and she will be the perfect addition to your already stunningly magnificent family. ;) Thanks again for the great afternoon; I enjoyed myself very much. You are good people. ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Missing Neck and a Sneak Peek

If the neck is found please return to Larkin Olivia; she would like to hold her head up. ;) (Can you get over those puddin' cheeks?)
Here's a sneak from a FANTASTIC maternity shoot I did this weekend. CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE THESE!!! Stay tuned! xoxo Kam

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Larkee and I got out for a little shoot before naptime today.
I am really enjoying dressing her each day. Sometimes I change her clothes just because I want to see her in something different. ;)
I wish they made all of her clothes in my size, especially this hat.
She enjoyed being outside; I enjoyed being with her.
Then she decided she had had enough, and we called it quits and went in for a nap.
Larkin, I am starting to feel more and more connected to you; I love you so much my spirited little girl. I can't wait until we can go shopping for all of your pretty accessories together. xoxo Mom