Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Week

Our little girl is a week old.
She is springtime, holidays, a first kiss, warm apple crisp, a refreshing deep breath, a great book you never want to end, a perfect pair of shoes, a glimpse of Heaven.
We are all settling in nicely. This big brother is enamored by his new sister, and so far the transition from one to two has been smooth.
He hasn't quite learned, "soft, gentle, or careful" yet, but he is ever attentive and loving.
He said he was being a, "big helper".!!
Larkin could be described with every generality ever used to describe a little girl: sweet, cute, darling, precious, adorable, tender, pretty, and lovely. I prefer something with a little more Jane-Austen lustrousness to describe this ethereal girl.
"Larkin, the youngest of the Nuzman children, is a delightful character, how will anyone ever be able to tolerate those who do not like her, even in the least? I do not know. She has a lively yet peaceful and serene dispostion like the ease of the wind on a youthful spring day. She is a great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of pretty woman can bestow. She loves to laugh at follies and absurdities, embracing life with all of its ebb and flow. Larkin's wit and vivacity are her most radiant traits next to her resplendant beauty. She isn't necessarily an elegant female, but she does speak truth from her heart..."
In other words...she is undeniably one of the best things we ever did...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello Love: An Announcement

She is here.
Larkin Olivia
Born: September 20, 2008 at 12:28pm
Weight: 6 pounds 9 ounces
Height: 18inches
We are all in love.
Life is very sweet.
Thanks for her first bouquet Grandma and Grandpa; we miss you too!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Baby

...but not mine...
So...I went to the doctor on Monday. He told me that nothing was happening and that I had to wait. Arghhh. Only two days, but I was so ready on every level to have this baby that it was disappointing. I cried to my mom, my girlfriends, and Jaren (who didn't seem too bothered), and then I got over it and decided to do what I do best when I need a diversion: go to work. I had a newborn shoot scheduled for October, a few weeks after the baby was set to arrive. As we all know, they come when they are ready. Baby Sophia came early. Too early to wait until October to shoot her "newborn" pictures. Because I had some extra time we decided to get her shoot in before my little girl came, and before she wasn't such a little girl anymore.
You all remember this stunning pregnant woman?
Now, she is a mother to a very sweet little girl,
who has robbed her parents of their hearts!
I knew from our maternity shoot and from knowing Liz and Ian previously that they were going to make such attentive, loving, and kind parents. They are absolutely head over heals in love with this baby. And rightfully so, have a look at her perfect sweetness.
I marvel at the trust that comes with a new baby. They rely on their mothers and fathers for everything they need. This baby's needs are met before she even knows she has them. So much so that she did this...
literally, for two seconds our entire shoot. The rest of the time she was very peaceful and super, ultra alert.
She is so observant and awake, soaking in her new world. Probably one of my favorites.
A few tender details to make your hearts flutter.
I shared in my maternity shoot post that Ian is a total joker; he is really funny, and is already making this girl laugh.
Her is mom is already making her feel so loved, comforted, and connected. Another favorite from the shoot.
Liz said that this is her favorite expression of Sophia's right now. Those lips are so stinkin' cute!!
Baby Sophia is so peaceful, attentive, observant, sweet, and very, very modest.;) I loved her legs in this one.
Another sweet moment.
Liz, you look so great and are handling all the challanges of being a new mommy with style and grace; I knew you would. I enjoyed our visit yesterday tremendously. Ian, your humor is going to get both of you through the sleepless nights; as always, it was so fun seeing you! Thank you both for sharing some time with me.
Baby Sophia, may you always be as attentive and observant as you are now. May your life be filled with pure joy, genuine happiness, true love, and a closet full of sparkling dress-ups!
Welcome to the world, Bright Eyes!!

May the next post be pictures of my baby...;) May she be as perfect as this one...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Face Lift...

for a new little face. She isn't here yet, but should be this week. I am signing off for a bit, just for now, but will be back as soon as we have an announcement to make. ;)
Until then...may your days be happy, your laughs be many, and your bellies be full...
of cake!!
xoxo Kam

Gunnar Week Day Seven: Grandma

She's here. Enough said.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gunnar Week Day Six: Lowe's

I slept in today until 10:00am. That is unheard of. I also didn't really go to sleep until about 4:00am (heartburn, indigestion, swollen body...etc.). I woke up to a still house and remembered that for day six of Gunnar Week Jaren planned on taking Gunnar to Lowe's for this monthly "build and grow" activity hour they have.
The kids get to run around with drills, saws, powertools, and hazardous paint thining elixirs. All under adult supervision mind you. ;)Today's project couldn't have been more appropriate for our little builder or for his week. The objective: to build a pirate ship, complete with plank and sail.
While they got down to business constructing their little vessel, I slumbered away heartily in my captain's cabin. When they got home, my husband, being his handy self and knowing our son well, starting water proofing the small ship. They caulked it, primed it, and then painted it, sail and all.
I LOVED his thematic dress. Well done J!!
I don't have a picture of the finished product. I took off for a party before it was completed. Maybe I will run an update on that tomorrow. ;) It is probably snuggled in bed with him. What I love most about it? That Gun and J made it together and that he got so excited when Jaren told him it was time for another coat of paint. He loves his dad so much. He especially loves "helping" with anything Jaren is doing. It is sweet to see them work together. Today was a perfect addition to Gunnar Week.
I love you little worker bee!!
Tomorrow...someone special is coming to cap off Gunnar Week! Until then- xoxo Kam

Friday, September 12, 2008

This Just In: A Gunnar Week Exclusive

Because it is his week, and because he is only in the backyard working with his dad(fertilizing for sod...yipeeee! Which is coming next week...), and because I am too lazy, too swollen, too tired, and too heartburny-acid refluxy to care, Gunnar is out back wearing...his underwear and his boots.
That's all I got before it was time to get back to work.

Gunnar Week Day Five: Here and There, Here and There

Today we went here. Not at the request of G, but because we had to. Thing is, he doesn't care. He actually really likes it there.
Then we went here. Gunnar really likes it there.
This is all that was left of lunch. Apparently we were both, "Lovin' It."
Then we headed here. We both like it there. It makes me feel smart.
This is what we came home with: a mountain of literature.
Then we came home. I am regreting it now because he is being needy and complainy, but I allowed Gunnar to get out of his nap today to have a movie afternoon. It's his week...but it will be my night because he is going to bed early tonight...
Gunnar Week continues tomorrow with some coverage from Dad. :) J and G are spending some time together so I can try and get some things done.