Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gunnar Week Day Three: Chuck E. Cheeses

Gunnar's choice for today was Chuck E. Cheese. It's his week; I do what he wants. We met up with some other friends (thanks for meeting us Maren and Jo) and we had a great time!

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We dined on the world's best, most reasonably priced pizza. Played the most sanitary public games, and earned so many tickets that we won...THIS! We actually had enough for two of them! Can you get over it? Chuck E.'s is the best deal ever! ;)

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Everything was roses until Gunnar looked up at the prize table and saw a pirate ship. He brought his dinosaurs back to me and told me he didn't want them any more, that he wanted something else. He pointed to the ship, 6000 tickets. That's a lot of tickets. I tried explaining to him, but the 3 year old neurons were just not firing in his brain and he didn't understand why he couldn't "make a trade." Gunnar Week was looking doubtful once again...he threw a great fit in the parking lot and on the way home. "I WANT AT PIRDATE SHIP! PLEASE MOM!!!!!" At least he said please. He fell asleep in the car due to all his histrionics and has been sleeping ever since. Hopefully he wakes up happy, because he is going to play with another one of his best mates after...we'll see how that goes.

Even when you throw a fit and I can't think of a thing to say to make you feel better, you are still stinkin' cute!!! I love you. Hope day three of your week wasn't a total upset. xoxo Mom

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D Baker Photography said...

Kam- At my house it's called ----"ChuckE Cheez-its"

*Jess* said...

Those are probably some of the best Chuck E. Cheese photographs I've seen! I'm glad Gunnar is having such a great week with his parents :)

Katrina and Jeff said...

Gunnar - we love you and think your great! Thanks for coming to play. Sorry about the rock throwing :) You and Bobby are always welcome. Your Mom's pretty cool too.


Joanna said...

Gunnar is so lucky that he got a WHOLE WEEK!! I'm jealous! Chuck E.'s rocked...thank goodness for Purell. Thanks for letting us be a part of it! We had a blast, and can't wait to meet Miss Larkin...anxious for her debut!