Friday, September 12, 2008

Gunnar Week Day Five: Here and There, Here and There

Today we went here. Not at the request of G, but because we had to. Thing is, he doesn't care. He actually really likes it there.
Then we went here. Gunnar really likes it there.
This is all that was left of lunch. Apparently we were both, "Lovin' It."
Then we headed here. We both like it there. It makes me feel smart.
This is what we came home with: a mountain of literature.
Then we came home. I am regreting it now because he is being needy and complainy, but I allowed Gunnar to get out of his nap today to have a movie afternoon. It's his week...but it will be my night because he is going to bed early tonight...
Gunnar Week continues tomorrow with some coverage from Dad. :) J and G are spending some time together so I can try and get some things done.

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Rebeckah said...

I love library days too! Aren't the fantastical : )!