Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gunnar Week Day Four: Disneyland

My doctor told me that I need to be walking just to help get things going. When Gunnar requested Disneyland as part of his week, the old adage came to mind, "kill two birds with one stone." Disneyland=walking. Tonight was such a cool night though with mild temperatures, the summer crowds have flown home so we jumped on our favorite rides without hardy any wait, and we enjoyed a "magical"evening together.

Someday I have plans to write an essay about Disneyland. Their catch phrase, "The Happiest Place on Earth," is filled with irony. So much so that the place should be renamed, Ironyland! Ever noticed how the majority of the adults and the people there are NOT happy? I will save my thoughts on that until later, because tonight we were truly happy. Together. Just the three of us.

We got there early evening, beautiful light. I brought my camera, of course. Pulled it out to start recording day four, turned it on, tried to set the settings...nothing. I brought my rebel to D-land; I didn't want to take my super-ultra good camera to a place where it could be bumped, scratched, or even dropped. Before leaving I checked to see if I had a card and a battery. Both were in the camera. But I haven't used it in so long it didn't register that the battery might need recharging! It did.

Good thing I took a lot of mental pictures of our evening together. Unfortunately, I can't share them with you. So sorry.

I did find these though. There were taken almost a year ago and are terrible quality, but I am glad I have them. I was able to find them, with the help of some retrieval software, when my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. Remember that? Devastating! I know they aren't the best picture in terms of quality, light, clarity, color, etc., but I know most readers prefer to read when there is also a picture. ;) I was so happy to have found at least two of the pictures I lost. And have learned now to always double check my battery too. :) I do before a shoot, don't know why I didn't tonight.

There are some moments in life when I wish I had the power to make time slow down, so I could memorize the smiles, the laughs, the complete connection of spirit and love. Tonight was one of those nights. I got a little emotional, on Pirates of the Caribbean actually, thinking that the chapter of my life titled, "Just the Three of Us," only has a few pages left. I am so excited to add on to the family and to meet this new little girl, but I do feel a heart pang thinking that time will soon need to be shared. I know however, the next chapter, "Table for Four," will be filled with volumes of stories, adventures, memories, and moments that are just as dear to me as the last three years have been with Gunnar.

We are home now and the house is quiet. I am still emotional thinking about the two people sleeping upstairs and the one whose birth is pending.

Jaren and Gunnar- I would walk miles with you, stand in line for hours with you, and find the last churro stand just for you. I would rather be with you than anyone else. I love you both so much; you make our home the happiest place on earth.

Larkin- We will get Disneyland passes for you too; You will be conditioned to love all things "Princess"!! ;) (Besides, your brother has an affinity for all Disney Princesses, which is a good thing for you, and something Dad and I will worry about in 6 years...if he still likes them.)I love you too little one. Can't wait to meet you- Mom


Bethany said...

Your words are so sweet. When we added our second baby, our first wasn't even two yet. I remember having SO many emotions as her birth was upon would I find time to give them both the love and attention I had been able to pour into the first?

It isn't always easy, I won't lie, but you just do it. And what an AMAZING thing you are giving Gunnar with the gift of a sister...someone who will forever be his friend.

Good luck to you these next few days as you count down until Larkin arrives! I can't wait to "meet" your sweet baby girl!!

hansenfive said...

Rob and I believe Disneyland should use a different saying...because we never feel so happy when we go, and the last time we went we had to leave in an ambulance. But, Paige loves it, and so we go and it makes us happy to see her so happy.