Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gunnar Week Day Six: Lowe's

I slept in today until 10:00am. That is unheard of. I also didn't really go to sleep until about 4:00am (heartburn, indigestion, swollen body...etc.). I woke up to a still house and remembered that for day six of Gunnar Week Jaren planned on taking Gunnar to Lowe's for this monthly "build and grow" activity hour they have.
The kids get to run around with drills, saws, powertools, and hazardous paint thining elixirs. All under adult supervision mind you. ;)Today's project couldn't have been more appropriate for our little builder or for his week. The objective: to build a pirate ship, complete with plank and sail.
While they got down to business constructing their little vessel, I slumbered away heartily in my captain's cabin. When they got home, my husband, being his handy self and knowing our son well, starting water proofing the small ship. They caulked it, primed it, and then painted it, sail and all.
I LOVED his thematic dress. Well done J!!
I don't have a picture of the finished product. I took off for a party before it was completed. Maybe I will run an update on that tomorrow. ;) It is probably snuggled in bed with him. What I love most about it? That Gun and J made it together and that he got so excited when Jaren told him it was time for another coat of paint. He loves his dad so much. He especially loves "helping" with anything Jaren is doing. It is sweet to see them work together. Today was a perfect addition to Gunnar Week.
I love you little worker bee!!
Tomorrow...someone special is coming to cap off Gunnar Week! Until then- xoxo Kam

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