Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st: A Really Cool Thematic Announcement

I am afraid of change. I hate it. Big time. In fact my parents bought me this book a long time ago called Who Moved My Cheese, that was supposed to help me embrace change through a moldy cheese analogy. It was clever and I liked it, but I still fear the big C word. Not today. Today I am excited for change.

In honor of my little business and it's growth, in honor of June 1st and thematic me I am launching...drum roll please...a brand spanking new blog. (The crowd goes wild!) HOOORAYYYY! It is time to upgrade to kameejune 2.1.

Blogspot has been a great start for kamee june photography, but it is starting to feel a little too homemade for me and for the goals I have for my business. This blog will still stay live, but not active.

My personal and professional journaling will now be found at...wait for it...

A sneak peek of what is waiting for you at the new blog.

Want to see more? Go on... click the link... there is a present waiting for you... This moment, right now, we celebrate change...
join me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby D

This baby is 6 days younger than Larkin; if I have my way the two of them will go to prom together! 

Just a few highlights from my shoot with Davis:

Gunnar was doing his best to help. He was asked to blow some bubbles towards Davis. He took it literally and blew bubble juice ON Davis. Sorry D! Couldn't help posting this one:

Note the bubbles on his head. ;)

Baby smiles, from any baby, are one of my favorite things:

I actually really liked the softness of this one and thought it was symbolic of so many baby things:

Something for Father's Day. SO FUN!!

Baby D, May you continue to bring happiness to all of those you meet; you are such a sweet baby!! I loved being with you and your mom! Can't wait for the next date, Kam

And a sneak peek of a fabulously beautiful senior...on the brink of graduation. More to come:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chemistry Class: A Sneak Peek

I never, in all my years of schooling, took a chemistry class. I don't know how that happened, but I am glad I slipped through those cracks. Just because I never took the class, however, doesn't mean I don't know what it is when I see it.

I met two of the most enchanting people this evening, and they are chemistry... personified. 

Laura and David are getting married. 

No Bunsen burners or scientific experiments necessary... these two have already got some serious sparks...and that was just the sneak peek. Stay tuned for more in a lesson on Chemistry...

Laura and David, I LOVED meeting you today!! I could have stayed and talked on the corner all night long. I think you two are comparable to Health Bars and frozen Junior Mints, for sure. ;) Thanks for the opportunity to shoot such a special time in your life. xoxo Kamee