Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chemistry Class: A Sneak Peek

I never, in all my years of schooling, took a chemistry class. I don't know how that happened, but I am glad I slipped through those cracks. Just because I never took the class, however, doesn't mean I don't know what it is when I see it.

I met two of the most enchanting people this evening, and they are chemistry... personified. 

Laura and David are getting married. 

No Bunsen burners or scientific experiments necessary... these two have already got some serious sparks...and that was just the sneak peek. Stay tuned for more in a lesson on Chemistry...

Laura and David, I LOVED meeting you today!! I could have stayed and talked on the corner all night long. I think you two are comparable to Health Bars and frozen Junior Mints, for sure. ;) Thanks for the opportunity to shoot such a special time in your life. xoxo Kamee


Anne said...

Kamee- I am Laura's younger sis, Anne. I have been looking at your blog for quite some time and would like to think I am the reason they hired you! ;)

It is surreal to see Laura and David's pictures on your blog. Just this sneak peak has us so excited. Your work is AMAZING and our whole fam cannot wait for the big day in August. So thrilled you are photographing it all!

A very excited little sister, Anne

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

LOVE the second picture...amazing!

Bethany said...

Okay, so where were you?! I think we might have been at that same pier when we were there in August and I LOVE it!! I want family pics taken like this next time we are in Cali!!

Laura said...

I have to leave a comment on my own pictures! I just want everyone to know that reads this that you are an amazing photographer!!! Not only do you do wonders with photos, but you make the people you are photographing feel so wonderful and important as well. We had such an incredible experience with you and I think you helped me to fall in even more love with David-if that's even possible!
David and I truly loved every minute with you and we can't wait to see more. Thanks for everything! :)

Christina said...

WOW Kamee. WOW WOW WOW!!! I hope Laura doesn't mind, but I am keeping a copy of that 2nd close-up kissing shot on my own computer for reference....Jameson and i NEED one of those. that is AMAZING! Really. Can you duplicate it? I absolutely LOVE IT. a B&W of me and my hubby would look awesome in our room!

You have such an incredible gift. I love that you post all the photo shoots you do on your blog mixed in with your own family stories. I look forward to reading your blog every time I sit down to the computer!

Thank you for the consistent smiles you provide me with every week.

You are AWESOME!