Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Redefining Maternity: A Few Definitions For You

When I was teaching, my students had weekly vocabulary assignments. They hated them at the time, but now, I hope they realize that they did do some good. ;) I'll admit, they were grueling and a bit tedious, but necessary and compulsory; they were required by the state, so we complied. The thing that I think is cool about vocabulary lists and words in general is that knowing them and being able to use them correctly is cool, and makes you smart. I have had several students thank me for those redundant weekly vocabulary and spelling assignments and quizzes; they tell me they used the words on the SAT, in a paper they had to write, in conversation, etc. It makes me smile, and feel happy. 
Each week there was a list of 25 words. They had to write the word, its part of speech, the definition, and then use the word in 2 original sentences. In an effort to redeem myself for the years of vocabulary agony, I am going to attempt to complete a vocabulary assignment in this post only because I recently met a woman who I think completely, totally, and utterly redefines pregnancy. 

Resplendent: adjective
shining brilliantly; gleaming; splendid

A week ago I met a resplendent person who is anticipating the birth of her second child. She has been on bed rest for the past few weeks; (Our shoot was the first time she had been out of bed in a while; she was such a good sport though and such a trooper!!) her spirit was high and she was excited to document a few moments from her pregnancy; I was excited to meet her and listen to her story.

Siren: noun
A seductively beautiful or charming woman, esp. who others find attractive

Kristen is so amazingly beautiful and her peaceful demeanor and quiet approach make her so attractive; in Greek mythology her beauty would have paralleled that of a Siren. She seriously redefines pregnancy making it look so simple, so splendid, so sublime.

Mindful: adjective
attentive, aware, careful

Kristen is mindful of the members of her family; not just her unborn baby. 

She isn't new to this mothering gig. 

Tribute: noun
a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.

She and her husband Dennis are parents to a delightful daughter, Caprianna. (I love that name. It's Italian: a tribute to Kristen's roots. So cool!!) 

She is "this many". 

Elitist: noun or adjective (I am using it as an adjective)
consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group.

Tenacious: adjective
pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate.

And as a member of the elitist "3" club she has full rights to be tenacious and spunky. 

Loved these next three: 

Over It: a phrase
to be finished, tired, done, kaput, etc.
Transparent: adjective
easily seen through, recognized or detected

It is pretty transparent when kids are over it; their frames start looking like this. ;) 

Prodding: verb and noun (I am using it as a noun ;))
the act of prodding; a poke or jab.

It took major prodding from dad to get them to look like this: 

Puppy Eyes: noun
A facial expression used to get whatever the heck she pleases. See below for example.

Caprianna could get just about anything with those puppy eyes.

Extraordinary: adjective 
Far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary. 

Kristen and Caprianna have an extraordinary relationship. Spending time with them was something special; proof to me that all children are destined to come to the families they are born to. 

Connotation: noun
Something, such as a feeling, thought, or idea, associated in one's mind or imagination with a specific person or thing.
A few connotations of what type of baby they are having next.

Dynamic: adjective
pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic

I am so excited for this little family and the cool boy/girl dynamic they are about to experience.

Affinity: noun
a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc.

I have an affinity for the following pictures. I think Kristen is such a quietly beautiful woman. She is so peaceful and serene which makes her so alluring and attractive. She is carrying her pregnancy so gracefully; I was so inspired by her attitude and willingness to do whatever her doctor asked to make sure her baby would be born healthy.

I brought the red wagon because I thought it would be a perfect prop to use for a pending little boy. I think red wagons sort of define little boys. ;)

LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IMAGE! Especially the way her eyes communicate so many things:

Timeless beauty:

Concur: verb
to accord in opinion; agree:

I have shared this before, but I really do love how more women are documenting pregnancy now. I think it is important to also photograph faces and expressions, moments and details, not just the bump. The baby will love to see what mom "looked like" when she was pregnant with him. Kristen made a comment at the end of our session: We were talking about how business has been lately due to the economy. Dennis and I am both concurred that we had been lucky and blessed during this time. I shared that people are still finding funds to document their special times. Kristen said, "It is so important." I agree with her. ;)

A few not so much about the belly, but about how radiant she is:

And two all about the belly and her stunning way of carrying it! ;)

Facetious: adjective
not meant to be taken seriously or literally

There is absolutely nothing facetious about Dennis. Nothing. At all.

 :) HA!

He is the kind of person you want to be with because he is so funny!! It was interesting that he and Kristen 
didn't care much for each other at first. Funny how they ended up connecting. 
Dennis was very good to both of his ladies:

Loved this image:

A few of the family, before they need a table for four:

I really liked this one:

Kristen, Dennis, Capi, and Baby Carter,
May your lives always be defined by your sweet, kind, jocular, and genuine family. Thank you so much for sharing some time with me;  I enjoyed it tremendously!! 


kimberly said...

your blogs always make me smile and I love the images too!

'T' said...

may her baby get here safe and sound. what stunning images. i heart the one of the mommy against the blue wall.

tracyallegre said...

A stunning family. If the little boy looks anything like his cute sister he will be a heartbreaker!

Brynn said...

Kamee I love these photos!! They are so amazing! (as always) I totally have to do those weekly vocab assignments right now and I HATE them sooo much! They are very difficult and time consuming. I'm glad to hear they will help me in life though haha :)

Jennifer P. said...

the one of him pulling her in the wagon---sooooo cute! I love seeing the ideas you come up with!

oh--by the way, I posted one of poems a few days ago. I know you like to read those :)