Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gunnar Week Day Two: Carl's

Gunnar week almost came to a screeching halt this morning. My boy was full of "don'ts, can'ts, and NO'S!!!!" Ever have those days with your kids?
"Gunnar, will you please brush your teeth, comb your hair, and get dressed so you can go to school?"
"Gun, turn the tv off please and get your shoes on."
"Will you please be a good listener?"
"NO! NO! NO!"
All of this followed by a huge fit. The kind where his body goes limp in a pile on the floor. This 9 month pregnant body can't lift a load of dead weight; I was exhausted and we had only been up for an hour. I almost canceled Gunnar Week.
We had a nice chat, discussed his options, and he decided in the end to be good and nice.
Gunnar Week was back on.
After school we headed for a fun lunch with some friends at Carl's Jr. He played in the in-door cesspool, ate chicken and fries, drank most of my Diet Coke, and robbed my friend Maren of the majority of sweets from her bag (thanks Mar).
Then we came home and he had real treat. He got to watch a full episode of SpongeBob Square Pants. He is always asking to watch it, but for some reason I feel like that show is really, really silly and weird. (I have a cousin who is a total fan and I hope I am not offending anyone reading who thinks that show is totally awesome.) Gunnar never watches it unless it comes on while I am in the shower and don't get to it in time to switch it to something else or turn it off. When he asked today, in honor of Gunnar Week, I acquiesced.
Gun's guns. "This is Hans and this is Frans and we are here, to PUMP you up!' He looks mad but that is just his flexing face.
THEN...he had a play date with one of his best mates Garett.
It is lucky to be Gunnar this week.
Guess where we are headed tomorrow? I'll give you a clue, "_______ ____. _______ Where a kid can be a kid!!"
Until then here's to a boy who didn't want to have fun today, who couldn't find his happiness, and no matter what was not going to have a great day, but did anyway. I love you Gun!

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Em Ybarra said...

what a cute little guy you have! i loved these pictures!