Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We Now Interupt Our Regular Scheduled Programing...

of Gunnar Week to bring you a very fun family.

Wayne, Erin, Brynn, Cassie and Ethan were my final shoot before the baby. (I'll be back in the saddle for photographs in Oct. Just in time for Christmas pictures!! ;))
Something I have really enjoyed since I started my photography business is the time I am able to spend with other families. I love my little family so much and work hard to have a balance of time with them, so they know they are first in my life, but I also enjoy the moments I am able to spend with other families who genuinely like being together.
This is one of those families.

I love being with fathers, like Wayne, that hold their daughters close, but still allow them to fly to reach their potential and chase their dreams.

I love seeing mothers like Erin that keep a tight hold on their sons, but still allow them to be themselves and follow their hearts.

I love daughters, like Brynn, that are super excited about life and it's new adventures.

Brynn started high school this year. I have an affinity for high school and miss the days I was in it and the days I taught. It was fun talking to her about this new chapter in her life. In fact she was headed to the first football game of the year after our shoot. It was cool to see her get so excited and dressed-up for the festivities.

I am afraid the upper-classman will be hitting on this gal for sure...keep her close Wayne.

Brynn, You are lovely. I wish we still lived close by. You would be my number one babysitter for sure.

I love daughters, like Cassie, who are observers, not always saying much, but internalizing everything they witness.

Like her sister she is a stunning beauty.

I really enjoyed being with Cassie because she is so peaceful. She is one of those people that is just calm and mellow; two traits I try to embody as much as I can. Her beauty is classic, her spirit magnetizing.

She also has an enchanting voice. I have had the opportunity to hear her sing on occasion; it is always a pleasure.

All the high school boys Brynn brings home, might have an interest in little sis too. ;)

My dad used to tell me when I was headed out with friends or to a dance or something that he, "wished I was a little bit ugly." :) That was his way of telling me he thought I looked pretty and was a bit worried that I would catch the eye too many admirers. Thanks Dad; that was always so sweet of you. Wayne, do you ever wish your girls were "a little bit ugly"? You have got to keep an eye on both of these beauties. Sheesshhh!
And this guy...one thing's for sure: you will never be at a loss for laughs with him around.

I love sons, like Ethan, that keep the family in stitches.

He is also a really great conversationalist. I love it when kids aren't afraid to talk to adults they don't really know; it is cool me they are so confident to offer answers to questions and ask them in return. Ethan and I had a nice visit about 3rd grade, his friends, and school while shooting together.

He put a smile on my face.

Erin said this hat is his favorite right now. I thought that was cool she brought it to be in the pictures.

I love siblings that are good to each other, who speak kinds words, and show interest in each other's lives.

This one's for you Erin. ;)

And I love witnessing parents who are giddyly in love, but still demonstrate a deep respect and trust in each other.

Both Wayne and Erin are such good people. They are jovial, enthusiastic, and outgoing.
Want to know what happened right before I snapped this?

Wayne gave Erin a nice wet lick on her check. It was classic. (I didn't blog that one; that was for you too Erin. ;)) We all had a good laugh. That's fun. Just being. Playful.
I also loved seeing them close,

and enjoying their family.

Such a pretty mom...

I love families that laugh together,

play together (I loved this one, because until now Ethan and I had a secret.),

and love together.

Wayne, Erin, Brynn, Cass, and Ethan- Sorry I kept getting your names wrong! That will never happen again. And I also apologize for backing into your neighbor's garbage can. I promise I am not always that clutzy. Thank you for the time we had together. Your family is a pleasure to be with.
I have been contemplating a quote lately by Sophocles, "One word frees the world of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love."
I know your home is a place of solace from the world's troubles. You are a family filled with love, respect, and joy in each other's lives. Thanks for sharing a few hours with me and touching me with your geniune spirits. Can't wait for our next visit! Kamee

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p.s. Brynn, I am sorry this took so long. I was trying to enhance as many pictures as I could...for you! ;) Enjoy!!


rachel said...

Just want to say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of the siblings with the parents nuzzling in the background. One of the Best Pics Ever. Truly. Am jealous. Wish I had one like that of my own family!

Brynn said...

AHHHHHHH oh my gosh...i am speachless!! I LOVE them!!! Thank you so much Kamee, the pictures are incredible!!!! Hope to see you soon!

Brynn :)

Bethany said...

What great shots Kamee!! Thanks for sharing!!