Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh my goodness! I don't know how it happened, but Bobby is MIA!!
Has anyone seen a bluish/grayish rag, I mean blanket, that is relatively soft minus the clumps of dried food, with a slight odor of black plague.
If found please return to a sad and lonely 3 year old boy.
Gunnar says he is worth his whole college fund. Start looking folks...he's got some serious cash and he is willing to give it all away to the person who can find his, "breast friend".

We have looked everywhere; where is that dratted blanket?


Bethany said...

Oh I hope you guys find it. I know how stressful that is! I am CONSTANTLY making sure we have all our lovies (there are 5 of them and two kids!!) every time we leave the house!! It causes some major stress!!

hansenfive said...

when we got back from utah two weeks ago and unloaded the car, nash's shoe was missing. He only has one pair. we looked high and low...nothing. so i went and bought him a second pair. Last week Rob found the shoe. It was in a random bag of blankets. We don't even know how this happened. Good luck to you guys! It has to be somewhere.

Kimberly said...

Does this mean that Bobby was taken out of retirement? Last I heard Bobby was taking a "vacation" and the place was in box in Gunnie's closet. Wish I could help dispell the big mystery. Good luck. Losing your breast friend is a painful life experience. So sad. =(

Jennifer P. said...

I thought Bobby was "old news"....but oh no!---if he's needed again and missing---well, I'll keep my fingers crossed! Did the blanket fairy take him?!

p.s. Got my tickets and schedule :). I'll email you this week!