Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Pictures in the California Country

I am starting to slowly get back into my crazy busy life, adding things back in little by little. My life has always been a juggle and for some bizarre reason, I am happiest and feel most fulfilled when I am busy. (I feel better about all of my tasks when i get rest...that will come...)
I have started shooting again. Not full force but enough to remind me how much I love my camera, photoshop, and being with people.
Last weekend JR and Casey packed up their darling kiddos and headed to me, to the California Country, for a fun, relaxed family shoot.
(Casey and JR, the border is cuting of your is not that way in the original! ;) Just an FYI. ;))
Working with kids is a dance. I have to move fast before the music runs out and the kids stop dancing. These little shutter bugs held strong for a long time.
Kenzie, their oldest, is so imaginative and creative. She is also very curious and inquisitive. I love that quality in kids.
Kayla, is spunky and energetic. She walks with a skip and is so interested in everything she sees.
Ethan, the newest addition, is mellow and easy. Mellow and easy. What would that be like? I don't know if I will ever know. He is such a sweet baby and that is a gift. He gets a little extra photo love since we weren't able to do his newborn shoot.
This one's for you Casey...;)
Two big sisters for one little brother. That's lucky.
I actually really like this family picture. It illustrates how everyone is right now. Kayla: fascinated. Kenzie: spirited. Ethan: mellow. JR and Casey: totally engaged. ;) So Awesome!
What's lucky is that these kids have JR and Casey as their parents.
I overheard Casey talking to Kenzie about faires and unicorns. It was such sweet magical talk. She told me later that she is huge believer in make-believe and imagination. I think that is so great and so neat for her kids. Imagination: a child's best friend.
JR is a very involved father; I love seeing that dynamic in a family.
I couldn't resist shooting Casey alone. She has the most stunning eyes and there is a very personable attitude and kindness about her.
Just a couple... of the original couple before the babies came.
JR, Casey, and family- Thanks again so much for making the trip to me. It was nice meeting up again. Your family is special and I can tell you all have so much love for eachother. I appreciated hearing all the make-believe stories and felt inspired by the "pixie dust" idea; thanks, Casey. May your family always find the magic this life has to offer!! Thanks again for sharing some time with me.
And the fields they made the trip for...


Amanda Tom said...

Their whole family has such amazing eyes, especially little Ethan! I definitely see some spunk coming through on that little one with the hair!!!

I totally know what you mean about feeling happiest when you're juggling many things. Gorgeous pictures, Nuz!

*Lissa* said...

Wow, these are amazing!! Nice work! What a beautiful family!

Paige said...

Kamee, those are totall to die for. Maybe we need to plan a trip to California, too!! You and that gorgeous mamma could be sisters. Nice work!

Casey said...

Kamee!! Oh wow...I am BREATHLESS!! SOOOO very worth it! You are amazing!

summerzfamily said...

kamee june--- great pictures-- we can't wait to see our's & be on your blog-- it was so fun........ tana is better today--- hope your all well- goto go try & get some zzz's... bobby comes home tomorrow-- hip hip horray!! xoxoxo

Bethany said...

Kamee!!! These are amazing!! Each and every one of them is so great!! I am sure this family is beyond excited about these captures!! YAY for you!!

Glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things! Hope Larkin is hanging in there with the reflux and thrush!! Poor baby...and poor mama!!

So great to see some new images from you!

Sarah Castor said...

VERY lovely! This is such a beautiful family!

Kimberly said...


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!! I am coming in a week. Hooray. Get your therapy couch and camera ready. Hahaha! I love you.