Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Booked my Flight: We Are Headed to Utah

It is time for a visit with family. It's time for a swim with my nieces. It's time for some rest with extra hands to watch the babes. It's time to reconnect with old friends. It's time to meet new friends through my camera. 

I am booking Utah sessions now. :) 

I will be there the 8th-20th of June. I will be staying in the Pleasant Grove area, but am willing to travel as far as Bountiful and clear to Nephi. (If you are just barely out of these areas we can totally work something out!) Give me a hollar at if you are interested in family, maternity, baby, kids, engagement, or even your wedding (if it falls during that time)photographs. I would love to meet you and spend some time with you too!! 

Anyone interested in a shoot at Cafe Rio? OR the Purple Turtle? OR SONIC? ;) 

Until then...some highlights from my trip to Ut last summer.

I am thinking about entering a few of these in a kids summer competition in Laguna Beach this year. I think they personify summer:

This year there will be one more face to add: Little Larkee.

I can't wait to see these girls and love all over their sweetness!

And this guy can't wait to get his Barbie-on! ;)

And spend some time with the girl cousins.

We are so looking forward to a nice, long visit with the fam. 

Give me a shout-out if you are interested in meeting up for pictures!! xoxo Kam


'T' said...

K- My BFF from college lives in Pleasant Grove... I'm working on going to see her the weekend of June 11-13 to sing with her for a vocal concert. If this comes to pass for sure I'll make sure and drop you an invite at the location where we are singing (la la la la). Hope you like opera :) Would love to meet you. TINIEL

KAHigh said...

They are all cute but if #4 doesn't win, then the judges don't know the meaning of summer.

hansenfive said...

have fun, i'll be heading up next month, and i'll be enjoying some cafe rio. :)

Christina said...


I sent a few friends and family the link ot your blog so they could check out your MAD photog skills and maybe try for a shoot! I hope that was okay!

My summer pic vote would be the one of the little girl & the hose....that says "summer" to me all over the place!
-christina roberts

The Cahoon Family said...

I would love to see your price list (for some reason I couldn't find it on your blog). I live in Pleasant Grove and LOVE your work! Please email me at Thank you!

Michelle Cahoon

Andie said...

Booo! I will miss you by one week in Utah. Maybe next trip. Cafe Rio, here we come!

lauren said...

The girl with the hose gets my vote too!! They all look amazing - enjoy the fam.

Tonya said... some Cafe Rio for me...

I am so excited they are bring it to Cali..

Have fun in Utah...wishing you fun times with family and lots of fab photo sessions...

ktb said...

I just want to book you. We all know that taking pictures of me is not the best idea!

Can we hang?

Nicole said...

Bummer!!! I would love to have you take pics of our family, but we are going to California the 10th-20th! LOL *sigh* maybe next time :)

Louise said...

Wish you could come here to the UK would love to have you take our photos(and I hate to have mine taken)

I am currently taking a photography class and admire your style so very much

Lou xx