Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Sprite: A Shout-Out to my Home-Corn

I have known this angel since she sat in the front row of my honors English class and occupied the back bank of computers in the publications class I advised. Now, she resides fondly in my heart, my facebook, my twitter, and my text messaging!! ;)

An ethereal creature for sure!! (Ethereal: that was a vocab word your sophomore year. Remember Whit? That is so ironic. Another topic of study that year! I am killing myself here!)

I first met Whitney when she was 15. Now she is 21 and is doing what all 21 year-olds do: spend countless hours studying theories, poetry, and theorems,  lose themselves researching in the University library, take on extra units to occupy their time so as not to waste it idly waiting for graduation, travel abroad to find self in the fields of Europe, sip lattes while studying Tolstoy, Frost, and Keats... amongst other things. ;) In my mind Whitney, and the rest, will be eternally 15 (that makes me eternally 26 ;)) year-old sophomores in high school. I have memories of Whit sitting at my desk sharing her high school heartaches and drama. Memories of us laughing so hard in the back of room 903 about the most ridiculous "home-corn" stuff that we thought was so funny. Memories of yearbook camp, WWII, war brides, and baby fascinations ;). Memories of making Caitlin run around and do silly stuff; sorry Cait. 

Memories of a girl who touched my heart and grew up, to leave an indelible mark on my life. 

I do love how many of my students have become my friends. Individuals I enjoy having in my home and sharing time with. (Isn't it funny??...How many of you would have thought you would have enjoyed time with me and my family after the first day of school routine? ;)) 

I always knew I was going to hold Whitney dearly. Wherever she walks, roses bloom. When she talks, laughter permeates.

If you are hurting, she will carry you. 

If you need to feel funny, she laughs at your jokes.

If you need a friend, she is present.

If you need quiet, she is still.

If you need to feel like the only person alive, she focuses on you.

If you need to feel loved, she loves. Sincerely and deeply.

Her depth of character is profound, and her understanding of people and their needs inspiring. It is impossible to spend time with her and NOT want to be a better person that leaves a stronger mark on this world; it is impossible to NOT want to be like Whit.

She sent me a text a few days ago: "I love who you are." It made me feel so special and loved. I hope Whitney knows and feels the same when she is with me. She deserves to feel the same amount of love that she shares with this world. 

Whitney knows no guile. She loves all people, cultures, religions and ideas. (If you are not following her on twitter...you should! She is hysterical. Follow whitneylaw. She recently twittered about her interest in Native American Cultures. She is good stuff. You can also follow her on her blog; she has an awesome eye for photography and is coming into her own quickly. I saw that coming a long time ago...She is so creative it blows me away!) She has a special affinity for individuals with special needs and in her usual Whitty style shares her heart openly with them.

Her life hasn't been completely easy, even though her beauty would make you think it has been. She lost her dad at an early age, had a terrible accident in college that broke her hip bone and forced her to leave the college of her dreams, was in a relationship that crushed her spirit on many levels...Her perspective on these events is enlightening: someday, someone is going to need her compassion and empathy. She is going to be able to say, "I understand how you feel." and really mean it. Her limits of compassion are endless. Her current boyfriend's, (His name is Grant. He is good and nice! Jaren and I happen to think he is a total rock-star and we can't wait to have him back to the house.) mom suffered from cancer. To walk closely with this woman and her heartache, Whitney shaved her head when Grant's mom was faced with that moment, just so she wouldn't have to do it alone. That is compassion, personified. That is a very good person. Whitney, is a very good person.

Grant , waxing philosophical.

Whit, seeing right through it.

It is so cliche, but Whitney truly deserves the best this world has to offer. She is humble and accepting of what others tell her because she wants to be better; that is inspiring in itself.

 She is one of my favorite people because when I am with her she makes me feel so loved, accepted, understood, and funny! (She has always laughed at my jokes. Thanks Whit!) 

Whitney is going to do great things with her life, and all of her loves. She is a survivor and a shining light! I am blessed to know her and have her in my life.

Now Whitney, follow this link. Fill out the paperwork and enter the competition. Seriously. Every time I clicked the shutter she slammed me with a new, inventive, genius pose. Not to mention those eyes, killer legs, and the spunk she exudes! She is made for this show!! Anyone else think she has a really great shot at America's Next Top Model? Leave her some love in the comments below; she deserves it!!

Whitty-Woo, Chino loves you! C-town does too.

May you always know how much you are loved. May you know that I admire you on so many levels. May you always drink your diet coke with extra cherry syrup. May you always dance to your own voice. May you listen to the sound of your heart whispering the directions you should follow. May you always find the beauty around you. May you always inspire those you meet to be better people, just like you. I love you so much Woo! xoxo Nuz ;)

And because it was so pretty...the sneak peek...one more time.

p.s. Being with you made me homesick for the old days. So homesick that I think we need to have a reunion. What say ye? If you are following this blog and were a member of the yearbook/newspaper staff at Tesoro High School during the years 2002-2007 let's reunite. What do you think Whit, Caitlin, Brittany, Amanda, Leon, Alyssa, Ashley, Kara, and anyone else who was on the staff who is following silently? Let's do it!! Get on your phones or facebook and see how many people you can round up. Anyone interested in being the coordinator? I will provide the house and the food...I would love to see everyone again and get us all together.


Kara said...

You KNOW I'm in. I will travel any distance for you.

Amanda Tomaszewski said...

I would be in, most likely! I would come home for the weekend, probably!

Britty said...

First of all, I have decided to follow LOUDLY with enthusiasm and encouragement! This blog entry has been much anticipated by me because it involves two of my favorite people from high school. Whitney, you are beautiful, Tyra would worship you. Nuzman- inspiring as always. Reunion this summer. We should all bring our cameras and shoot each other ;)

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

2 things....
1) SHe is very stunning and I agree she'd make an impact on that show
2) There is NO WAY you look old enough to have been a high school teacher!! You certainly have accomplished a lot in life too! It's nice to hear about a high school teacher making connections with students and truly being interested in them...good for you!

MichBilyeu said...

She is so beautiful and she seems amazing! It is nice to read that you formed a great student-teacher bond now you are great friends..it's inspiring. :) Great job on these pictures, Kamee!

Sarah Castor said...


Lindsey Rowland said...

Beautiful girl with very beautiful eyes. Wonderful photos!!! LOVE!!

Whitney Danielle Law said...

i usually resemble a gargoyle.... it's all in Kamee's skills and touch!!!

mozeewozee said...

Sorry, Whitney, but NO GO on blaming it all on Kamee's photography skills. You are BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL! I'd totally root for you on "ANTM" but you seem too sweet for that bunch :)

kymberli q. said...

Wow!!!!!!! Gorgeous images and beautiful writing about Whitney!