Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wii Had a Great New Years!!

Wii were invited to some friends' house for a small New Year's party. Wii ate. Wii laughed. Wii enjoyed. Wii celebrated. Wii wiied.


When I was little my parents bought my sister and me an Atari. We were moving to Turkey and they thought it would keep us entertained. It did. In fact it became one of my most favorite things, it was such a prized possession that when our apartment building was on fire and we had to evacuate immediately I chose to save the Atari and my favorite Barbie. (I owned Atari bowling; I could school anyone who challanged me.) The Atari kept us from throwing Twinkies on our landlord's roof; we did that sometimes when we got bored. We loved the way they would splat and make a huge whipped mess. We thought it was hysterical how he would wave his fist at us and swear in Turkish. We weren't bad kids, we just wanted to know what would happen when we dropped a Twinkie from a height, several times over. We wouldn't dare do that today.

When I was in middle school I earned half the money to buy a Nintendo so I could play Super Mario and Duck Hunt.

Now, I will beg Jaren for a Wii. WHAT FUN!! Gunnar's birthday is in a few months. I think I know what to get him (besides all the unopened presents from Christmas).

Gift the First:

Some Nerf Guns.

Oh, the fun we could have with these.

These are so great, because they require safety glasses. Gunnar loves anything that requires goggles. The object is to shoot little nerf bullets at your opponent and see how many you can get to stick to his vest.


Gunny needed constant help with the loading process. That might be the one hiccup with playing at home. It might not be as much fun stopping and starting to load someone else's gun. Plus, G-Man isn't too trustworthy. He would probably shoot you point-blank immediately after you loaded and cocked it for him. ;)


The Nerf Predator; this kid had such awesome aim.


Scoping out the battle ground.


Talk to me Goose, talk to me.


A little bit of laser flare; I was practicing with light. It's true what they say, "Don't look directly into the red light." It's kind of true of this picture too.


Oh, the simple pleasures.


I see a future in the services; my dad would be so proud. This looks like an Army ad for the under-aged. Be All You Can Be, alright?


Gift the Second:

A Wii, Baby. (Ok. So it's really for Jaren and me, but he will grow into it right? He loved playing with the paddle tonight. ;))


Getting some help from a much more experienced player.


Try this...Go like this...Do this...


It works best if you put a little back into it,


and if you extend your arm all the way.


I loved the way this picture turned out. I also like the story it tells.


When it was my turn with the paddle Gunnar tried sneaking off with some of the hard stuff. I let him have the can; it was a party, right? Next year he'll lay off the Diet Coke.


I love those mischievous eyes.


Wii wish you a New Year filled with:





and Joy.




Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

your photos are amazing! I just received an XTi for Christmas, so I am practicing like crazy.
What camera do you have and what lens do you usually use?

Rebecca said...

We wii'd too. With all the of the meanings that brings. What a great way to ring in the new Year!

Jennifer P. said...

wii have had our wii for a year and love it to pieces. of course I can't play it with my kids because they kick my hiney around the block and back. My wii age is 63 and there's is 20! (did you take the fitness test to check your age? lots of fun!)

and i have to add that it must have been fascinating to live in Turkey. I lived in Germany for a while and met a lot of Turkish people there. Hope to hear some more stories about your adventures overseas!

hope you get your wee wii wish!

The Cardenas Clan said...

Oh my goodness, I gave Robert a Wii for Christmas and we love it!!! We need to all get together and play doubles tennis. By the way....awesome pictures! Your little guy is so adorable and I love the frosting pictures. You are so good and your blog is picture perfect!!

Paige said...

HOw fun! Wii got our wii and it has been played aLOT. Enjoy!

Matthew Engelken said...

Atari 2600 rules! Pitfall and River Raid were reasons to play hooky from school.

Tonya said...

can't wait to see what these little guys are up to together when they are 5...or even worse 13...

looks like a fun night...


Emily said...

We have a Wii and LOVE it. It has been so much fun.

NammaBaba said...

OK, I out in the dark - explain the Wii to this Namma! XONB