Thursday, January 3, 2008


Gunnar is getting good at it, kind of. He can get to 10 if he has a bit of help. 1-4 he is extremely proficient.


He loves to play hide and seek too. He will hide while we count to 10. Then we pretend we can't hear his giggles or peeps revealing his hiding spot (which is usually in wide open space). After we "find" him the roles reverse and he counts and we hide (you all know the rules) only Gunnar doesn't give us to the count of 10. He counts to 4and then skips around "counting" all the numbers he knows, but most of the time he just counts to 4; "Onnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee, Twwwwwwwwwooooooooooo, Thhhhhhhhrrreeeeeeeeeeee, Fouuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hummm, where could be?" He usually stops counting and opens his eyes while we are mid-hiding. It's pretty funny. When we do get in to a good spot though and he finds us, guess where he hides the next time around? In the spot where we were hiding; He thinks he is being original and smart, "Mom and Dad will never find me here, in the spot where they were just hiding. This is a genius plan!" It's sweet, hysterical, and endearing all at the same time.

Gunnar- I would play hide and seek with you any day, any time even though you only give me 4 counts to hide! I love you, my Little- Mommy Mom



Tonya said...

sounds like fun...

this pic is cute...looks like he has a little red coconut bikini top on...

I don't have any ideas for your photo shoot..but it sounds fun!

Jennifer P. said...

We use to call it "aerobic hide and seek" because our boys could only count to ten--really quickly. So you had to run like crazy and dive behind the nearest thing you could find before they came after you. I can remember being seriously out of breath by the time we were done!

Very cute photo! Does he actually play with the abacus, or was it just a prop?

Paige said...

Joelle always hides in the same place and giggles uncontrolably I love it. So fun. :)

Welch Family said...

Kam--thanks for the kind words you recently left on my blog. By the way, your face lift comment has sparked some inquiry as to whether I've personally had any work done (which I haven't). Thanks for the fun.

Love to see how much fun you're having with G.