Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Grease Monkeys

I got my guys all spruced-up for a daddy-son photo shoot. I wanted to hit two spots, one I stumbled on myself the other an outstanding suggestion (thanks, T.)

Original Gangster Graffiti


Hard-Core Graffiti
Repelling Graffiti
Magnetizing Graffiti
Attractive Graffiti
We headed to an out-of-business auto body shop after. It was PERFECT for shooting my manly men!!
The paint was peeling; it was fascinating.
Good to know.
Those eyes are so expressive. I loved how their tone darken by the blue metal.
It was super windy and Gunny was getting a bit tired, or maybe he taste tested some lead-based paint and was having a reaction in this shot. Perhaps that was his problem. ;)
He just needed a little love and protection from the wind...
and he was back to himself in no time.
I loved this series.
The wind stopped being a problem. Everyone was all smiles.
Closing shop. Time to head home.
It was a fun day. We finished it off with Jamba Juice and Dairy Queen. Not mixed. We each choose our own respective "treat". Gunnar and Jaren- I love you two so much! I am happy for every moment we get to spend together as a family.
Thanks for letting me share our day with all of you. Have a great night-


Tonya said...

Hey Kam...that blue wall turned out beautiful! I am so glad you took your boys there...I esp love the shots with the red/white/blue in them.

I went for a bike ride last night with the girls in the bike trailer and our ride came out over by that house with the grafiti( I think it is the same place...tons of trash, old furniture...corspes wrapped up in large trash bags...)holy cow...that is a dump....why do they allow that to be there??? Good for you though, cuz it made some great backgrounds...I think gunnie needed some punk hair for those pics though!

Looks like you guys had fun!


Kam said...

Tonya- My wardrobe choices weren't the best. Jaren told me later that they needed to be in hoodie sweatshirts, with grills on their teeth, and some heavy initial jeweled jewelery around their necks. I will consult with wardrobe before our next shoot!! ;)
Yes, I cropped the corpses out of the graffitti pictures; that would have been a touch too disturbing to post on a family blog. ;)

Michelle said...

I love your new look. Very fun! Gunnar and his dad sure look like the best of buds... how wonderful!!

My daughter wanted a baby for Christmas... yup, a real one. So far her doll seems to be filling the void, thankfully. Analee and I are still in touch. Her husband is in the Air Force so they are in TX but will be moving back east in a couple months. She has a baby girl named Aria who is about 8 months old. I've lost touch with everyone else from back then except for a friendship with one of the Clawson's daughters-in-law.

Jennifer P. said...

Those turned out so nice! Especially good to see Gunnar in clothes :). You're right--the blue was a perfect choice for his eyes.

Funny but the more photos I take, the more my eyes start looking for good, interesting places to take them too! Now I just need men as cooperative as yours!

ktb said...

Dude - my RSS feed for your blog has not been working and I just barely realized that I have been missing out on your life via your awesome blog. Can't always depend on technology!

Lilsa said...

Hi Kam, what a pleasure to browse all your wonderful photographs. Hmm, these would make some awesome scrapbook pages.

Thanks for your kind words about my crafts blog which is featured on TCB today.

Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Uh, that would be from Lisa not Lilsa. I hate typos-lol.

Paige said...

Very cool pictures. I laughed so hard reading your comment about needing hoodies and grills. Maybe for a Halloween themed shoot... I am sensing a theme...

hansenfive said...

Nice blue walls...you know, they changed my oil a few times...never thought to get out and take a picture to kill time. Isn't it fun to find the beauty in ugly places?

Shannon said...

Wow, I am continually amazed at your gift of Photography. Who needs teaching? Great pics. We are so excited to see you guys this weekend. Beautiful pics. Oh and I didn't have Atari growing up, we had Nintendo. I saved my babysitting money for a whole year to buy that set. It had the track & field game with the interactive pad to run and jump on. That was classic!

NammaBaba said...

Wow! those baby blue eye jumped right out at me! Liked these shots better than the very testured ones. Big hugs, NB