Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cool Car, Scooby Doo on Location, and Pizza

This is the story of a little boy who didn't want to have his picture taken.


Even though he was sitting on a really cool car.


A really cool, vintage car.


A really cool, vintage, old car.


He was just hungry. He's a lot like me when he needs to eat; there isn't much that can make him happy besides food. When I need to eat even a Nordstrom shoe sale can't sway me from listening to my high-maintenace stomach. (I take that back- it depends on the shoe. I would go hungry for a really great pair of shoes. ;))

After admiring the car, that Gunnar desperately wanted to drive we found a spooky place. It was perfect for an episode of Scooby Doo.

Who lives at 7010?


Why are the blinds always drawn and askew?


What wrinkled and weathered hand turns this deadbolt?


Gunnar was going to get to the bottom of it.


He just needed to look for clues, and pick off some paint.


Then out of no where came a creepy cat lady, who flicked her cigarette into the bushes, nicotine sparks parachuting to the ground.

"Get out of here you meddling kids!"

I didn't get her picture and she didn't really say that, but she really did come out of no where and it did kind of scare me, and she really did smell. Bad.

Instead of her picture I will just show you this wrought iron. ;)


There really was a creepy lady, with a cigarette, no cat. She told me Gunnar was a natural and that I needed to watch out. What out for what? I started to feel weird so we left creepy no-cat lady behind and went to satisfy our stomach with some good...



Whose having pizza for dinner tonight? ;)

"Stop taking pictures a me Mom!"




After lunch he was back in his A game.


I didn't get his face cleaned off as well as I should have. No problem. He licked the rest off. ;)


I love you Gunnar. Thanks for the adventure and the lunch date. When shall we go again? xoxo Mommy Mom


Jennifer P. said...

Oh the hazards of finding neat old buildings to take pictures around--creepy, mystery people :)! Glad she didn't try and mug you guys or anything!

I have heartburn just looking at your lunch. But I'd probably deal with it anyway, because it looks awfully tasty!

Nice to see Gunnar back in happy spirits!

I have to ask, what % of your google photo storage space are you up to using now?--or does it not occupy any since you transfer them from photobucket? I just wondered because I'm up to 8% already, and at that rate, my blog will be all filled up in about 3 1/2 years.

Ronee said...

That first picture of Gunnar cracks me up. He has such great expressions. And I love the last one too. Great story, as usual. Where were you?

Tonya said...

These are fun Kam...I like the processing..

you are very brave...that lady and house sounds ultra creepy!

Photobucket just went crazy on your is in need of some 911 help...just in case you haven't been to it lately...

Talk soon...


D Baker Photography said...


How did you add music to your blog? So cool!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

creepy lady...
I find myself studying your photos wondering what lens you used, what f-stop...bla bla bla.......what lens did you use on that colored pencil shot? said...'s fixed! it took till today to work on my computer. weird.

be careful.
you need to keep scooby snacks in your purse next time.
i am now hungry for pizza.

Rebecca said...

this is one of my favorite entry's. i've been chuckling about non-cat woman all day.