Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some Nuzman Yule Tide-

The house is officially decorated. Including lights on the front! (We have never had lights before, except for the tangled mess we threw up each year on the balcony, that seriously looked like multi-colored, blinking, twinkle-light barf. These are gorgeous white, frosted bulbs, courtsey of Target, a Home Depot Boom, and Jaren's hands. They are gorgeous. I'll try and get a pictures later.)

Something interesting about my little: he has never cared, nor could he care about any of my decorations. Even when he was small he was completely dis-enchanted with my frills. (When he was really little he would have rather played in the toilet.) It has been nice to never have to move anything out of reach from his little hands. Putting up Christmas has always been great; Jaren and I never worry about him pulling the tree down on his head due to curiosity. He was mesmerized this year, however, as we opened all the boxes. (He started playing with all the decorations on the floor in the living room. It reminded me of when I was little and I seriously believed our nativity was real. Well, I made them walk and move, but I really, truly, believed they were real.) From his initial reaction of seeing all thedecorations this year we can conclude one thing: Christmas will be magical once again.

Gunnar thought our stockings would make great "boots".

He never keeps a hat on untless it is tied, strapped, or super-glued to his head. This is a magic hat.

Some of the festivus cheer around the pad...

We finally have a mantel for our stockings. They have been showing up in different places each year: the banister, on the top of a cabinet. This year they have an appropriate home.

The Chirstmas stash. Yum-a-licious!!


Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! I can't believe I stumbled upon your blog...(the product of a few readings and clickings here and there). I haven't seen you since somewhere around 1995 at the Orem Institute building, and even that was random after Colorado Springs!
What a darling family you have.
Happy Holidays!
Michelle (then Maughan now Bradley)

Paige said...

Oh, Kamee. I bet your house is just breathtaking. You have such an eye for detail. I would LOVE to one day have a massive bank account, fly you out here, take you shopping, and have you decorate my home. And does Gunnar have the Little People Nativity set? He would LOVE it. And it keeps them out of the REAL/Expensive sets. :)

Matthew Engelken said...

I can't wait to see the estate. I am sure J-Dog illuminated the exterior like only Clark W. Griswald could. I am now back up and running on the blog posting. I was down in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. I prefer to keep the Stove Top holy.

Kate said...


Sheryl said...

Hello Kam!
It's Sheryl, back for a visit on your blog! There is just nothing like the magic of Christmas thru the eyes of our perfect little ones! Gunnar has grown just in the short time you have been here. Cute, cute boy, of course he takes after his cute parents!!
See you on Thursday!

Olivia said...

You are my decorating hero.... You and your house are always so beautiful to me. I will never be able to make even a room look as good as your whole house always looks.

Kelley said...

Fun stuff, Kamee. Did you make your stockings? I really like them.

Mark and Kathie said...

I have been looking all over for you! What a beautiful home and family you have! I want to send a Christmas card out to you, but can't find an address. Would you mind sending one along? We miss you here in Utah! We'd love to see you if you are ever in town!
Kathie Olson Steinagel