Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Card Season

When friends and family ask me to take their pictures I jump at the opportunity to get some more practice on something, anything that can sit still longer than 2 seconds. Last week I headed to a great out-door mall to shoot (I love that pun) some friends' family Christmas-card picture. These were the highlights:

Blaine's boys adore him. The sun rises and sets with their dad.
It's endearing to see a father so attached to his sons.

I love this little boy named Cole. Gunnar has an affinity for him too. I love him because he has a country accent but is a city boy, thinks most things are "nasty", loves level 2 Transformers (I can help him get them back together; level 3 is out of my realm of ability.), and he is super kind and loving to Gunnar. The other reason I love him is because he takes great pictures. Every one I shot of him turned out like this.

Or this. (He's got a bit of a pirate smile in this one but it is still cute-a-lut!)

Caden thought the fence was fascinating.

This little guy is happiest when he is free to roam or has snacks. Who wouldn't be? I love his expression in the next photo.

He looks so content; he's a great center for the shot. Doesn't he look just like his mom? ;)

Both Vickie and Blaine commented, "That's totally him." I am sure most of us can appreciate these pictures. I think I even took some like this when I was his age. ;) Vickie told me she sent this one to the grandparents.

This is what he looks like happy!

I loved the perspective of the big brother in this one.

Vickie is a girl after my own heart; I love her coordination! I also like the Abercrombie and Fitch look to the color here.

Merry Christmas Vickie and family! Thanks for all the love, interest, and friendship you offer our family; we are grateful for you! Can't wait to see the Christmas card.


Tonya said...

My fav is the one of big brother sitting with the store in the background...

great perspective...

The brother shot is pretty cute too! I never realized how close in age they look until seeing them on these pics together...

Great pics kam...and fun to have an opportunity to practice! Vickie has a great family...


Paige said...

You got some really great shots there! Nice job. ;)

Kate said...

I want to live by you so you can take our family pictures. You are wonderfully talented. I love these!

hansenfive said...

Those are great!