Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Hockey

Gunnar and I just added a new game to our repetoire: Holiday Hockey.


Sticks and pucks.


Collecting the gear.


mvp (We play shirts vs. skins. Gunnar is always skins. Do any of you seriously think I would play skins? Come on. Besides he usually has his shirt off anyway. ;))


Our equipment isn't the most reliable; it usually breaks after one game.


When we get bored of hitting "pucks" around the hard-wood we just roll smaller ones down the sticks. It's riveting athletics.


The puck hit me in the eye a couple of times; that was hysterical- for Gunnar.

He was so curious about were the little ball went...


Good game, team!


After our game Gunny decided to take some pictures of his own. Like mother-like son. He likes to take pictures too. I love his little smile in this shot!

Holiday Hockey proved to be quite aerobic. It was a good work out and some great fun with my boy.


Emily Loria said...

Thank you for your tip Kam, it worked! I am overjoyed! ♥

thank you.

Tonya said...

Looks like you guys hav invented a better use for those tubes...

whenever Ella & Ava get a hold of anything like that (wrapping paper...the tube after I unroll all the fabric off of it) there isn't a cute little ball that takes the brunt of their is eachother's heads! They are fierce with stuff like that! Looks like you guys had fun! Love with the view through the center...creative shot!

Have a great weekend...


Jennifer P. said...

Yes, I'm with Tonya--my empty tubes become giant cardboard light sabers! Perhaps I can steer them towards hockey this year. Isn't that what wood floors are made for?

Great pictures! and so great that you and your little guy have so much FUN together! That's the stuff they'll remember forever and ever!

Matthew Engelken said...

Cade has only used the tubes as a trumpet (Quincy from Little Einstein's is his hero). Hockey is now on the agenda.