Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jen and Pat: Save the Date

Jen and Pat are getting married!

They live one house up from us and are genuinely kind and good people. Pat has a collection of John Deere tractors (little ones, not life-size), and Gunnar has a major affinity for them. When we pass their house on the way to ours Gunnie says, "Trucks? Trucks?" When we go to visit Gunnar grabs Pat by the hand and leads him up the stairs to the den where the trucks are housed. Pat willing goes to "play". Last night they both came over and Pat was in his John Deere t-shirt and so was Gunnar. It was perfect! I meant to take a picture.

Jen is so giving and compassionate; she sincerely cares about other people and their feelings. Our street recently had a power outage (for an entire day), once Jen heard the news she called to see how we had faired the day and told me she had made arrangements with her sister for us all (the neighbors) to bring our Thanksgiving dinners (it happened 2 days before Thanksgiving) to her sister's house (she lives 2 minutes away from us). She also told me to get the family ready because we were all, as a street, going to dinner. She is a darling person with a sparkling personality; I enjoy her company emmensly.

We are lucky to have them as neighbors, and I know they will have a great life together.

They are getting married at a golf course close to our homes. They wanted to carry the theme through to their save the date so we headed to their wedding site to get some snaps of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Rose. These were just a few of the highlights.

They are such a sweet couple.


D Baker Photography said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I love your wish list to the side over there. That's too cute. I should have done something like that. Instead, I just sent my spouse an I WANT e-mail. LOL

Paige said...

Too cute, Kamee!! They sound like great people. You got some great shots of them. Thanks for the chat yesterday!

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kamee. I love how interconnected we all become in this blogging world! I saw your pics at Disneyland on Jessica Claire's blog and your family is just beautiful! Gotta add your blog to my late-night reads...
These pics are fabulous!