Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mr. December and Mr. January

Gunnar has a girlfriend. It's no secret. His heart belongs to two women: me and Kyle. He thinks I'm cool because, well, he has to, and he thinks Kyle is cool because she kisses and hugs him all the time. They call each other on the phone (sometimes fake calls), have lunch dates together (accompanied by their mothers), and even have showered together (they had swim lessons at the same time and would shower-up afterwards. They were chaperoned. Come on. ;)) There is definitely love brewing.

Yesterday Gunnar came downstairs and said, "Mother, I would like to compile something very special and endearing for my lady friend. Something that will leave my name as an indelible mark on her heart forever."
I said, "That sounds lovely son. What would you like to do?"

"Well, maybe I could commission the world's best artist to paint her likeness on canvas. Or possibly I could have Italian wild-flowers plucked and shipped daily to her front door. Or maybe I could buy her Disneyland; she would love that."

"Gunnar, I know that you really like her, and I do too, but maybe we could do something a little more in our budget. You know?"

"Yes, Mother. We must be prudent, but she also must feel the intense emotions I have for her. What can I do? Think. Think. Think. It must be distinctive and unlike anything she has ever received."

He left for a few minutes to play trains. He finds he can process things better after a good round of Thomas and Friends. He came back down stairs naked (well, he had a diaper on). (He has a thing with wanting his clothes off lately. We'll be out to dinner and he will want to take his shirt off. Or the second we get home from somewhere he wants to get down to the bare bones. A couple of weeks ago at Kate's shower, Kyle's mom, he kept asking to take his shirt off. He must have wanted to show of his outstanding pectorals and biceps for his gal. I should have clued in before I told him no, repeatedly.)
Yesterday, he really did come down stairs without his clothes off.
"Mother, I want to make Ky-Ky a calendar."

And with that we set out to work on Kyle's Christmas present. We have 10 calendar months left to shoot, but this is what we came up with so far.

Mr. December

Nothing heats up the cold winter nights like a fire fighter. Fresh from the blazing fight Mr. December will take you in his arms and cradle you tightly, with Bobby.

Mr. January

After the chill of December is extinguished allow Mr. January to take you on a New Year's adventure through the jungle of love and the swamps of romance.

Calanders will go on sale the end of December for those of you interested in buying your own. If you want an autographed copy I will see what I can do to get you one. But the first, of course, goes to Gunnar's gal, Ky-Ky.


Paige said...

Awesome. I think one month needs to be Gunnar with a camera. Nothing like a hot, half naked camera man to make your aperture rise. HA!!

~love said...

okay--freakin' hilarious again.

between this and business time...i'm totally adding you to my favorites. =)

Tonya said...

You have got a little ham on your hands...

May I preorder one for Ava...

I find this extra funny because I am working on a calendar for a gift right now through shabby miss jenn...I think you should totally make one up for Kyle for Christmas...that would be so cute...I am sure she would love it! (one for real...with Gunnar clothed of course...)

I was out & about when you called for photoshop help and the evening has just been crazy...sorry I couldn't be help to ya...

Kate said...

Ky-Ky is so excited for her calendar!!! She ran around the house cheering for Gunnie after she saw his pictures on the blog today. You are so sweet and HYSTERICAL!!!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness. Poor Gunnar will be so embarrassed in a few years when you pull out his calendar. :) You're too funny!

Papa & Namma said...

Put Papa and Namma on the order list, we love this kid!!!!