Monday, December 31, 2007

Did Your Mothers Ever Make...



It was a good day when Mom made a cake and had left over frosting; we would come home to a plate of these. I keep calling them these because they don't really have a name, except for left-over cake frosting in the middle of two graham crackers yumminess treats. What did you guys call them? If you have never even heard or seen these tasty vitels then I am tremendously, terribly sorry for you. Call your mother right now and tell her you got gipped; you missed out on one of childhood's most delightfully delicious experiences. Then come to my house and I will make as many of them as your little tummy can eat, and will wipe all your "got gipped" tears away. ;)

It is 2:44pm our time. We are currently still in our pajamas. On this New Year's Eve day we have done nothing noteworthy besides put Christmas away, watch cartoons all morning, and eat these. I am feeling homesick. Funny how something so small can bring back a plate full (pun intended;)) of resplendent memories.

I hope Gunnar remembers the days we stayed home as a family. The days where nothing else mattered but each other.The days we had nothing pressing to do so we could stay in our pajamas. (or he could strip down to his diaper without being repremanded ;))The days we snuggled on the couch together watching shows with theme songs that gave us ear worm (Da-Da- Dora, Da-Da Dora, Swiper no Swiping, Swiper no Swiping, Oh Man...Dora the Explorer!) The days we laughed at each others jokes, smiled at each others smiles. The days we held hands, gave lots of kisses, and were close.

I hope Gunnar remembers these.






He forgot about the cookie and just went full-throttle with his hands. Can you blame him? That's Fluffy White!! There was something green on the screen at the time giving him those lovely highlights!! ;)
We will be brusing teeth tonight for sure! What? You guys never miss a night?
I don't know what's sweeter, the boy or the frosting.
Delicious! Kentucky Fried Chicken is not the only thing that's finger lickin' good. So are these.
He didn't miss a bit!
I love those little fingers.
My sweet, frosted boy.
New Year's Resolution: To Just Be, Present, Sticky or Not
I love you Sticky Face- xoxo Mommy Mom


Danielle said...

Graham cracker and frosting was one of the biggest treats in my house. I loved when my mom would make those character cakes (you know the ones made with the star frosting tips) and had frosting left over. We rarely got dessert so it was such a special treat!

Paige said...

Oh, man. I LOVE *those*. Still do. Brian gets mad if I frost a cake and there ISN'T any frosting left. I have been known to buy one cake mix, TWO containers of frosting, and one box of Honey Maid. Yummy. I think that sounds like a perfect New Years Eve tradition. I wonder if Safeway is still open. And btw, you have to be the coolest mom EVER.

Melissa said...

Oh, how weird! Carbon copy of your day for us! Just got the girls out of their pjs so they could take a bath and get back into new pjs! Lots of putting away Christmas, watching tv, and snuggling as well. This is where it gets almost creepy...we had leftover frosting as well (chocolate for us!), but we completely skipped the graham crackers and used spoons...straight out of the container! How many other families do you think were sharing such a fun day just like us?!

Matthew Engelken said...

"These" look yummy. Too bad Gunnar doesn't seem to like them!

I grew up with regular cheese and crackers. We would put on the cheese, preferably Velveeta (we were in Missouri, mind you)and broil for a minute or two. Deeeelicious childhood treats.

Swiper No Swiping must be stopped, by the way.

Jennifer P. said...

I loved those growing up. My mom would make homemade chocolate buttercream frosting--a recipe I still use. But I'm the one eating all the little graham cracker sandwiches (that's what we called them) because (GASP!) my children don't care much for them! Crazy, right?

How I would love to stick my fingers in a big tub of frosting right now....

Very sweet photos! Gunnar seems very accustomed to being photographed :)!

(I responded to your very kind comments concerning my poetry on that post. THANK YOU!)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

now that's heaven.......sitting in your underware eating frosting from the can. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Rebecca said...

I totally forgot about that gourmet treat without a proper name. I was introduced to it when I went to school in Utah. I must be reading your blog a lot, because I noticed that possibly Gunnar got a haircut? It looks great, especially with the frosting. Oh, I love the face-lift on the blog. It's so easy on the eyes. Happy New Year Kam!

McEuen's Musings said...

Grannie used to call them.....
Mary Janes....or maybe it was Margurites'
Can't remember really, I just know that they are much beter with real home made from scratch frosting than with that ickky store-bought stuff....

Anonymous said...