Monday, December 17, 2007


Emmi Jane

December 13th, 2007

Our good friends Kate, Adam, and Kyle welcomed an addition to their family last week. (I have been sharing bits about them through the blog. I did a post on Kate's shower, and of course Ky-Ky makes frequent appearances since she is Gunnar's lady.) They are our great friends-people we love and admire- and we are so excited for them and this ethereal time in their life. April (another dear friend) and I went to visit them all on Saturday. I left with the hunger; I want all things little back in my house.

Little Toes

Little Eyelashes

Little Hands

Little Eyes

Little Fingers

Little Noses

Little Bellies and Little Diapers

Little Feet

Little Cheeks

Little Pouts

Little Cries

Little Lips

Little Tongues

And Little Loves

To our sweet friends- May Baby Emmi bring joy to a family already filled with love, laughter, happiness, energy, spirit, acceptance, and kindness. We love you guys and are happy to share in this special time! We can't wait to watch her grow too! Congrats and Merry Christmas a few days early. xoxo Kam and Fam


Tonya said...

such sweet pics Kam...

What a beautiful little gal...


D Baker Photography said...

Awhh, the little pout photo is sooo adorable.

Brad and Jennifer said...

That is one cute baby! My arms feel empty :(. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my remodel site. We really do have a lot of fun living here!

so glad to have come upon your page. I am just blown away with the gorgeous photos. Makes me rethink my husband wanting that (more!) expensive camera.

I also see you used the hart family blog to set up your site. Me too! Don't even remember how I found it, but I wouldn't have music without it!

Nice to meet you here in blogland!

Matthew Engelken said...

Nicely done, Kam. Great photos. I am glad you are practicing for the photo shoot scheduled for April of 2008. You can be [b]'s second shooter!

Paige said...

Beautiful photos, Kamee! What a nice treasure for the parents to have. And good luck with that baby hunger... it isn't easily satisfied...

Kate said...

Love the photos. That little Emmi is the cutest. I kept thinking she looks a lot like my Paige... and I've figured out why. They have the SAME hair. Love it!

Kate said...

Auntie Kam -
You are the greatest and I LOVE you already. Thanks for making me such a super star on your blog!
Emmi and Fam

~love said...

as if THAT didn't give me major baby fever! ;) (okay--maybe not GAVE it, but just enhanced it a lot)

she's beautiful!! = )

Rebecca said...

Oh, what great picts Kam. They make me want to go snuggle a baby right now. Ahhh, I just did. Congrats to yor friends and their power to have girls, darling ones.