Friday, November 2, 2007

Oh, Great Home Depot God

We got out on a family date tonight. Nothing major. Just a little pizza, ice cream, The Home Depot, and some cheap thrills. Enjoy.

When we got out of our car Gunnar spotted this cart right away. I had a bit of a rough day so I decided that someone needed to push me for a change, so I jumped in. Gunnar said to me as I was putting my feet in, "Jump in, Mom."
Thanks for pushing Jaren.
Gunnar kept telling Jaren, "Bumpy. Bumpy." Which is a game they play were they make the cart go back and forth really fast. Unfortunately, I did not take my Dramamine previous to this test drive so "Bumpy. Bumpy" was out.
A little lip action.
Gunnar has been asking for a lot of kisses lately. It's cute. Mothers dig that stuff.
Two hours earlier he was on the floor practically comotose. He is suffering right now from a feverish cold. Complete with runny nose, deep cough, and two ear infections. Many heartfelt thanks to the creators of Tylenol and antibiotics.

This was the best moment of the night. I am laughing out loud right now just thinking about it. Before we left, Gunnar thought we should have a prayer in The Home Depot cart. "Mom, a Nunnie a pray." 'Dear God...thanks for all the stuff we bought here that made our house so stinkin' beautiful. May this cart be here the next time we come, and may Dad be with us to push. Amen.' Jaren and I were laughing hysterically. Oh yeah, some of you might be wondering about Bobby. He was there the whole time. You can see him here between my feet. Good ole' Bobby, always good to tag along.

After we histrionically dropped the cart we ran around the shopping center taking some pics, getting some video and embracing our inner Harry Potter.

Remember when you were little and the bright blue ice cream was so enchanting? Why? Why were we all magnetized to something so wretched? Maybe it's a right of childhood passage. Maybe we all have to go through a time of loving something so gross, so when we meet other gross things in life we embrace them and love them just like we did blue ice cream. I don't know. Just a thought. I think he actually likes the little spoons the best. I LOVE THIS PICTURE! I would take those blue eyes any day over that blue ice cream!

Gunnie is starting to talk so much now; his little voice is so charming. In fact he woke up yesterday and the first thing he said to me was, "Apple Juice, Please Mom." Well, when you ask like that how can I refuse?


Matthew Engelken said...

Praying at the Depot is blasphemy. Everyone knows Target is the only sanctioned church.

Olivia said...

I love that stinkin' home depot prayer... holy cow, it's making me laugh HARD just thinkin' about it.... p.s. your sone is BEE-YU-TEE-FUL! good genes...