Saturday, November 10, 2007


These sentiments were supposed to have been a part of the Lucky Baby Post. Read that one first and then scroll back up. (I was having some technical difficulties with my picture placement.)Here's the potential prom date. She has whimsically stolen Gunnar's heart.

This isn't their first date. They have been going steady for almost 2 years now. Today at the baby shower Kyle was gifted a tea set. These two played "tea party" for a good 45 minutes where they sat and talked like an old married couple.

This summer Gunnar thought it would be fun to take his gal to the state fair for some good and dirty fun. Complete with a myriad of fried foods. (He knows how to treat a girl.) I think these kids were up until 11:30 that night. Rock stars.

Kyle's dad chaperoned. (I don't blame him. When we aren't watching these two are all over each other.)

Who's this handsome devil? You might be asking.
The competition. This is Gunnar's BFF, Caden. He is just 2 months younger but he has his eye set on Kyle too. Good thing they will go to different high schools; maybe they will be able to share the prom date. ;)

p.s. For some reason I can't get my pictures to load right. I am unable to click and drag them where I want them to go. Any help??


Paige said...

Sorry I can't help you with the pictures, except to say that some time Blogger just wigs out and needs a minute to compose itself. PMS. Cute entries. Kyle and Gunnar make a CUTE couple. I'm sure we'll see their faces splashed across US Weekly in a few years. ;)

Matthew Engelken said...

Cade has no problem in being "The Other Man." He will swoop in like a vulture and steal Gunny's woman. The Cadester just loves all the ladies.

And no, I have no tips for picture placement. I can get just as frustrated with the blog template. Bill Gates, I am not.

Olivia said...

Awesome pics, Kam! And Gunnar and his lady make a beautiful pair... I like that he's not too much of a boy to hang out with girls:)

Rebecca said...

So if Gunnar stands up Kyle, I have like 4 boys who could take her in his place. She is precious! That Gunnar is a Lady Killer!

The Raica Family said...

Go Gunnar! I can't wait to see the prom picture.

Anonymous said...

ok so i told you i would look at your blog, and wow that video pretty much made me fall out of my chair laughing, its seriously the funniest thing i've ever seen. and your pics are so cool too! i really like the ones on of your son on your husbands shoulder, they're really cute.
see you soon!