Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lucky Baby

This, is my friend Kate. She is beautiful, creative, smart, funny, clever, and always smiling. In fact, every time Jaren and I leave an outing of which she has been a part, we both comment on how much we like Kate and her positive vibe. We smile, because Kate smiles. She is a magnet and her current is so strong that it is hard not to want to be around her. Today we had a small gathering to celebrate the pending birth of her second child. (Gunnar has a huge, fat, crush on her first born, Kyle. If Gunnar has his way he will be taking her to his junior prom. At the 4th of July party we caught them making-out on the couch while watching a little bit of Elmo. For some it's Barry White, for them it's Elmo. Whatever turns you on, right. No pun intended.)
Anyway, this is a "Love to You" shout-out for Kate and her sublime happiness! Adam is lucky to be married to such a genuine, kind, and giving wife. Kyle is lucky to have such a tireless, creative, and nurturing mom. And the baby is lucky because she is coming to Kate, Adam, and Kyle. We can't wait to meet her!!

You better believe I ate one; the doughnut, not the baby. ;) Oh, yeah, and it was good.

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Tonya said...

this donut shot is a great shot...

I don't know how I feel about a little baby being in the middle of somethin' I am going to eat...but great photography!