Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the thoughts running through my head-dos

why do i feel like i am drowning, but my lungs are full of life?
what can i sell to buy the actions for photoshop that i so desperatly want?
why does one meal, thanksgiving dinner, cost so much money?
will i ever be able to speak spanish like i did 10 years ago? probably not. why was it so hard conversing with the ice cream man today?
where can i find a reprieve from all of the lists i make?
why does gunnar still cry when i take him to pre-school?
how will our family pictures turn out tomorrow?
the boys both got haircuts; at least they will look hot!
hopefully tomorrow will be a good hair day for me too.
is this life one big funky dream? am i dreaming right now? will i wake up to see God soon?
am i going to do well next semester with fullerton's hardest professor who already thinks i am a loser because i needed help registering for my classes?
when will jaren ask me out on a date? i hope we are still going steady.
my fabric for my curtains came. look out tonya. will she still be able to help me? can i afford her?
am i going to enjoy the holidays this year or will they pass me like a winter wind?
will my house ever be decorated the way i want it?
will the christmas party i dream about having every really come to fruition?
will i be able to stay awake in class tonight? will tara be able to captivate my mind with new ideas on student assessment and teacher development?
is chocolate a suitable dinner idea?
how late will i be up tonight working on homework?
will i sleep in tomorrow or be up for a nice energetic walk with my all-time favorite 2 year old?
did i spend enough time today on the carpet playing with my son?
does he know that when i tell him i love him i mean it from the very depth of my spirit and being? i love him so much sometimes it hurts.
what should i wear to school? is greasy hair fashionable for grad students?
i'll let jaren take care of dinner, again, tonight.

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