Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Rose Garden: A Story About Giving

My girlfriend Shannon emailed me today to see if I was ok; I hadn't blogged in over six days and she was worried about me. It's true, the blog has been put on the back burner, but only because we had company coming, and because I have two weeks to get a massive final completed. Oh, and I really wanted to give the Ostrich post more time as the front-runner! I love that one. I have been missing my blog though, how I have been missing it.

I heard a story a long time ago about a woman who was feeling discontent in her marriage. Before she was married her husband used to bring her flowers to every date, for every special occasion, and sometimes even for no reason at all. After they got married this of course, phased out. She started feeling sad that he didn't remember to bring her tangible flowers, but then she realized flowers were coming in others ways: he folded the laundry without being prompted, a flower. He washed the dishes and cleaned the entire kitchen without being asked, a flower. He took care of the children while she napped as long as she wanted, another flower. He hadn't been gifting her actual flowers, but figurative ones. The kind that come through actions.

Jaren used to be good at bring me flowers too, now he shows me he loves me in other ways.

Today my husband gave me a rose garden.

Jaren had a goal to have the dining room done by Thanksgiving.
This is what our dining room looked like this morning.

and this...

Here's my rose garden.

Gorgeous. Isn't it?

My sister and I stayed up tonight to get it all ready for tomorrow. I wanted to play house in the new room!!

The next series of shots prove I missed my calling; I should have worked for Pottery Barn.

The seat savers...

A little romantic Pottery Barn.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday with your family and loved ones, and I hope your dining room is as beautiful as mine. ;)

While Jaren was pruning my roses I took my parents on an outing. We headed to Downtown Disney to have some fun!

I love these shots of the "kids" running to Disneyland!!

My dad is a kid at heart; both my parents love Disneyland.

I tried to channel our shoot with Jessica for this one with my mom. I did the same thing at our family pictures. I thought it would be fun to do it with Mom. She's a good sport.

We played in the fountain outside of House of Blues for awhile. We didn't have an change so we were making wishes on previously made wishes. (My parents were fishing money out of the fountain so Gunnar could throw it back in. ;))

He was loving it.

We stopped to get a treat with all the wishes we stole from the fountain! I'm kidding. Come on. About the money, not the treat. We wanted a little piece of ambrosia. Seriously. Can you think of anything better than a Wetzel's Pretzel? (Besides Golden Spoon?)

Gunnar doesn't know a good thing coming. He also denied a build-a-bear puppy. Crazy kid. Who do you belong to anyway? Who doesn't want a pretzel and a doll you get to stuff yourself?

I just really liked the color and the lines on the last two shots! ;)
They also reminded me of all the Cabbage Patch Dolls I used to own. Weird connection, I know, but that is what I thought when I shot these.


Tonya said...

Jaren is a stud!

That room looks AMAZING!!!


Love your frosting on top too!

Cute pics from Disneyland. Have a great first Thanksgiving in your beautiful home!

Kate said...

Oh my. There is too much to comment on. Enough stuff for 3-4 posts. :) The room looks gorgeous. And you are such an amazing decorator. Holy Cow. I love it. The table looks amazing. Stunning. How fun for you guys to go to Disneyland (again). I'm jealous. Of it all. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you!

hansenfive said...

Love the room! Here is my comment, now you have my blog.

Kristen Joy said...

I just came to your blog from Jessica's...I am an Austin photographer and loved your family picts at disneyland! I also started reading your blog and figured you had to be LDS, and sure enough, it looks as though you are. I LOVE your chocolate brown dining room...fantastic! And my daughter, every time she see's some kind of truck on the road, she substitutes her "tr" for an "f." Gotta laugh at that one!

The Smallwood Family said...

Wow I love your dinning room. You guys did such a great job! I miss you guys!

Matthew Engelken said...

Great googly-moogly! That room is so impressive. It really is amazing. J-Dog saved his best work for the C-Town estate. I am glad he was able to do a nice warm-up job in RSM.

~love said...

he did a great job on that dining room! and you did wonderful decorating! =) beautiful.

Paige said...

That room looks fantastic!! Beautiful work, Jaren. And HUGE kudos to your decorating job. It really does look straight out of Pottery Barn. Only better.

Olivia said...

room = awesome. jaren = freaking awesome. pics = gorgeous. gunnar = child model. olivia = jealous.

Kimberly Hunter said...

Ok, I hope you got my post on your "ostrich" site, but I have to say that you are so incredibly talented in so many ways that it is quite unfair to have been given so many gifts! You are the most energetic, positive, and fun person I know! As well as a fabulous teacher, patient and FUN mom (can you come teach me some games like Jungle so my kids will think I'm fun!) I'm looking at your decorations on your table AND your photos of your parents and Gunnar, and Your excellent at both of these creative things! No fair!! I'm so impressed! Hope all is well! Tell Jaren Hello and send us your new address so we can send you the family christmas card!

Kam said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. You have made my night!! Thanks for all the compliments; I feel so loved and I needed that right now! Thanks a thousand times over! We will be sending a card to you guys for sure. I will call soon though to get you our address! Have you started a blog yet with all your free time? ;) I think you would be so much more creative with this outlet than I am! ;) Talk to you soon- Kam
p.s. I bet all of your kids are so big and so stinkin' beautiful. Can we come and babysit this summer? ;) said...

ok...i know this post was 2 months ago...
but i love the dining room. it's exactly what i would like to do.
thank you for the inspiration.
did you add all the moldings yourself?
is the top a brown or a dark purple?
it is gorgeous.
has pottery barn called yet? :)