Thursday, November 8, 2007

thoughts running through my mind

i need to shower. it is 3:42 and i need to shower.
why does gunnar cry when i drop him off at preschool?
i really hope dr. randall is inspired and impressed by my softchalk presentation for my final exam. i spent four hours working on it today and that was only the research section. i have hours of work ahead of me.
what are we going to wear for family pictures next week? where are we going to go for family pictures next week? can i lose 10 pounds before family pictures? can i learn to just love the skin i am in by family pictures?
i need to shower.
i am tutoring for four hours tonight. i am motivated by the money, and i really like the students i am seeing. it should go quickly.
tomorrow i will walk or jog, or ride my bike, or get up before gunnar for some yoga and meditation.
what should i make for dinner? shall i leave that up to jaren since i need to leave at 5:15? yes, leave that up to jaren.
today feels like christmas.
i need to shower.
i really want to take more pictures. what's stopping me? my softchalk presentation. school. work.
my chest is tight.
tomorrow i must clean. family is coming.
i need to shower.


ktb said...

yes learn to love the skin you are in by your family pictures - very intuitive!

I like knowing what you are thinking


me said...

How come I NEVER think like that. My mind usually focuses on like 5 things -
1- when can I nap
2- whose kids are these, and what is wrong with them
3- where is the candy
4- when is bed time
5- where and who is khuong

I absolutely love your blog - you will have to teach me how to make it pretty - just no pink. I guess I will tell you I too have one, just don't expect a lot..

Paige said...

I love this blog. Very poetic. It is currently 9:19 pm and *I* need to shower. How nice that you plan meditation into your day. The only meditation I get is between when my alarm goes of and the snooze, 9 minutes later.

Tonya said...

My thoughts on your thoughts...

*yes..shower...showers are a right for any Mother...esp by that time of day!

*oh, that sweet lil boy that loves his Mommy day you will miss those tears when they are exchanged for a rolling of the eyes during those teen years...*smile*

*whatever you wear (everything you wear is worthy of coveting *argg*) and wherever you go, your family will make the photo perfect...

*ten pounds...are you crazy...

*it is always nice not to have to think about dinner...

*hope the well...I am sure it did!

Enjoy your family visiting...

Talk soon...


Rebecca said...

I totally need to shower. The word "totally" really shows emphasis. Totally. Gosh I sound like I'm totally in high school.

Kam said...

You have all made me smile! Thanks!! I love having friends. Thanks for stopping in!

Matthew Engelken said...

Yes, please mix in a rinse.