Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Face Lift

I did it. Now I think I can go to sleep at a normal hour or maybe focus my attention on something really important like my finals which are menacingly staring me in the face. I have been obsessed with figuring out the html coding of this blog for a few days now. I have been consumed with figuring out how to do all the digital scrapbooking since I first saw my girlfriend Tonya's blog. (You have go check it out. Not to mention her pictures. Some of them are truly noteworthy!! She is on the sidebar of my blog: Tonya and Co.) Seriously. Why am I so enchanted with the realms of html? I have better things to do with my time. Like, watch The Bachelor. ;) No, to study. That is now my key focus. (Keep telling yourself that Kam...)

Here's a quick Gunnar anecdote before hitting the hay: This morning he woke bright and sweet. (per usual) I got him out of bed and he quickly instructed me he needed a "change". (I hope we are getting close to potty training.)While I was getting him changed and dressed I happened to drop the S bomb, and suddenly his spirit darkened and his personal rain cloud appeared. Tuesdays and Thursdays Gunnar has "S"chool. He was doing well for a while, but then we had some schedule changes, Gran's funeral, and some other things that threw him off a bit, and since then he has had a hard time attending, The Little Flower Preschool. Today, his "No School! No School!" fit came complete with him spitting on the floor and using Bobby as a towel to wipe the gel out of his perfectly coiffed hair. I kept fixing it, and Bobby swiping across the top of Gman's head, erasing my styling. He kicked, screamed, arched his back, he even said, "No School- PLEASE!" But alas... Sorry Son, sometimes that magic word isn't so magical and it still lands you at preschool. Cross your fingers Thursday is better. I really need to use the time he is at school to blog, I mean, to umm, to study.


Tonya said...

your blog is looking good indeed! You are too kind to compliment me so...you are getting the hang of it for sure.

While I am on here checking it out right now, the girls have interrupted their aebelskevier eating for a little breakfast dancing compliments of your playlist...very cute. Powdered sugar dancing through the air, little girls shaking their booty, and smiles all around!
Blogging is so fun, all the creative stuff is even better, but sometimes I find it can be a little addicting...thus, another thing to add to the magical balancing act of a mother! Hope finals go well for you!

Talk soon,


Rebecca said...

Its so cute and pink! Wow I havent seen pink in so long. its such a happy color. You're doing such a great job. My sister and I both LOVE your blog!!! Its easy on the eyes, but mostly becauae you are so funny!