Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marc Jacobs Knock-Off

Gunnar had a Geen Bug, I have a green bag. I bought it on the streets of New York when I was there visiting my girlfriend Olivia a summer ago. I get compliments on it wherever I go. Some people even ask me if it is a Marc Jacobs. (Yeah right. It cost be 20 bucks, but hey if that's what they want to believe, cool.) It is perfect for all of my gear and it also is big enough to carry Gunnar's essentials while still looking like a hip and cool article of clothing.

These are the current contents in my knock-off:
  • my cell phone which is on it's last leg. The 9 and the # keys only work when great force is applied. I hope Santa is really good to me this year and that a new Moto Q shows up in my stocking.

  • my business cards. I have a small but lucrative tutoring business. I help students write their college essays, improve their English skills, and learn Spanish. I also act as a therapist during my tutoring sessions, listening and making sense of teenage angst and drama. I am so grateful for my opportunities to tutor. I am thankful for the extra things it provides us and for that portion of my brain that is still functioning even though I am not in a full-time classroom.

  • a package of Orbit gum. I love gum; I chew it almost all the time because I am paranoid over breath. I should switch to mints; Oprah says chewing gum is like keeping a piece of masticated meat in your mouth.

  • some random toy Gunnar got at Wendy's in his kid's meal. When you push a button on its back its wings flap. Cheap thrills.
  • a student's University of California essay that needs to be proofed before we meet on Thursday
    diapers and wipes. I almost had to use the diaper myself the other day. I was headed home from Kate's shower were I drank a ton of water. My drive home was over an hour due to two accidents and weekend traffic. I seriously considered using the diaper in my big, green bag. I will leave you to your own creative ideas of how.
    a target bag. it's the kind that is made out of recyclable goods and can zip down into a little compact tote. Gunnie and I use it to carry our library books home after we go on Monday mornings.
    aaggghhhh. my Hobo clutch. This houses my Mac lip gloss collection and all of my bling. I love this bag. I can't wait to switch to the green one my girlfriend April got me for my birthday last year; it will be perfect for the holiday festivities.
    2 pairs of sunglasses. Who knows why. Both are brown.
    my point and shoot camera. That takes fair pictures but doesn't hold a candle to my reb.
    my palm pilot. Which houses my brain.
    anti-bacterial hand moisturizer, wet ones, and tissues. To clean, wipe, and console or hold snot.
    gift cards waiting to be spent. (Thanks again for the Nordstrom love Kate.)
    highlighters, pens, and my flash drive.
    4 random chap sticks.
    an empty pack of gum.
    eye drops that don't bring any relief.
    gum wrappers.
    the largest consumer of space, my school books: Preparing to use Technology and Accomplished Teaching(News Flash. For those of you just tuning in I am two weeks away from being done with my first semester of grad school.
    and a smaller book (that has nothing to do with school, but everything to do with me keeping up with one of my abilities)called Rimas, Leyendas, Cartas Desde Mi Celda written by Gustavo Becquer who I am sure was a tremendous Latin lover. When I am standing in line some where, waiting at the doctor's office, when I have extra time in between classes, or when church is boring (JUST KIDDING!), I like to have something to read or to occupy my thoughts. I am trying to read books in Spanish to help keep up my language. (A few year ago, ok, not a few, several years ago I went on a year and a half pilgrimage to South America's hottest spot, Ecuador. I went to teach people spiritual and temporal self- reliance. I learned a lot about Jesus, myself, love, acceptance, seeing others non-judgmentally, and how we all, on some basic level need each other to survive in this life. I also learned how to kill small rodents with merely a broom, how to persevere scabies and flea bites, how to surmount cold showers, how to swallow rice wallowing in oil with a smile on my face, and how to enjoy eating fried bananas both sweet and savory. I also learned how to speak Spanish. There was a time when I spoke quite beautifully, now the ice cream man looks at me funny when I try and talk to him about work. To keep up my language I try to speak to natives when I can, I tutor kids that need help with Spanish, and I read Spanish books. That brings us to the contents of my purse...) right now I am reading, in my spare time, or when I am waiting somewhere, this book written by this dude Becquer. My most favorite piece I have read of his so far, one I studied my last year at BYU, which still resonates with me is this:

This is him. See what I mean? He just looks like he was a real lady killer.

Por una mirada

un mundo

Por una sonrisa

el cielo

Por un beso-

no se que te daria por un beso.

Please disregard the spots that require accents marks. How do I do that on this program? Here's your homework. Find someone who speaks Spanish and ask for a translation. For those of us living in CA, AZ, or NY it should be easy. Just step outside your residences and hail the first person you see. Once you get the translation, think about the passion behind the sentiments. What in your life are you this passionate about? Consider it's meaning, maybe even discuss it with your translator. Then I would like a 5 paragraph essay on how this theme is demonstrated in your life. It is due on my desk by tomorrow. Good luck.

p.s. If you don't get it leave me a post and I will translate.

p.p.s I really want to know what in your life sparks this much passion and energy.

These are the contents of my Marc Jacobs Knock-Off.


Matthew Engelken said...

My passion is football. Kansas State Wildcat football, and Kansas City Chiefs football. My efforts help change the outcomes of games. The players can hear me through the tv. April says they can't, but I know they hear my suggestions.

Paige said...

That's alot of crap for one bag.

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Kam, very interesting blog! Found it on Jessica's blog.
So you like photography and Spanish?... you have to visit my forum and I'll show you how to add accents ;-)

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Hi Kam, are you on a Mac or a PC?
Reply here and I'll see it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

Kam said...

I am on a pc. ;) thanks for your help and for stopping on me! ;)

Kam said...

rodolfo- i meant to stay stopping in on me. ;)

Rodolfo Arpia said...

There you go:

á Alt+160
é Alt+130
í Alt+161
ó Alt+162
ú Alt+163
ñ Alt+165

Kam said...

Thanks!! This is perfect! Check in later and leave me a Spanish shout-out. Good luck with all your up and coming shoot!
p.s. Is it the same for capitals?

Kam said...

What about the ?'s and !'s? How do I do those?

Laurie said...

Hi Kam - found your blog through Jessica's ... see that you have a tutoring business. i'd love to chat with you about that - my hubby tutors as well and we'd love to pick your brain ;)

Kam said...

Laurie- Let me know how I can help you. I would love to answer any questions you have and help in anyway I can! ;) Talk to you soon-

Corynne Escalante said...

Hey Kamee,
I read something somewhere about chewing gum and how if you chew it regularly enough, it can prevent you from passing the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities along to your kids... I don't remember where I originally read that, but I googled it and here are the thinks for how you can spread the cavity bacteria:

and the thing about chewing gum:

So, while Oprah may have a point, you might want to consider sticking with the gum... :)