Friday, November 9, 2007

Cleaning Day

I had a big helper with the cleaning today. (I am using the term "helper" quite loosely. For every one thing I cleaned he made two more messes.) It's ok though right, he was in the spirit of cleaning, learning valuable lessons like work and self-reliance, oh, and that windex and soft scrub don't make a tasty beverage.
Thanks for your help son; I couldn't have done it without you. I loved how you tried to catch all the windex drips before they hit the bottom of the mirror. I would clean a thousand toilets with you by my side. xoxo Mommy-Mom

He was having a very detailed and engaging conversation...with himself. Hysterical.
I don't know what the two Gunnar's were talking about, but it was riveting material. (He still has a bit of this summer's farmer's tan left. That's hot, Gun! We'll work on those tan lines next year.)
Bobby was a part of today's lesson on work and self-reliance. Constant Bobby. Always good to pitch in.

Another man in this world that cleans; eat your hearts out ladies. Good thing he's in my house for the next 16 years. (I loved being in this picture. Just as I was getting ready to click he put his sweet arm around my neck.) I love you son-


Matthew Engelken said...

I was reading the blog with Cade. I pointed to Bobby, and asked who that was. He answered, "A Rag."

Olivia said...

i hope jaren is giving him the same kind of tutoring when it comes the weekly car wash ritual... atta boy! p.s. you are so beautiful! p.p.s. your photos are awesome. p.p.p.s that serendipity photo better be from when you came to see me and not from covert romantic getaway to nyc with jar-bear that you never told me about.

Kate said...

first of all, your blog is looking lovely. i too am recently (like this past week) ObSeSsEd with the digital scrapping. it's fun, huh?
second, your little boy is looking like a little man. so mature and so cute. you're such a good mom to teach him the mad cleaning skillz. third, you are such a great photographer. that should be my next goal. learn to take a decent picture. love you and love the sneak peeks into your life.