Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2 Year Old Non-Conformist

I forgot to give a shout out to Nazar Kalaji for the sweet pumpkin carving! Props Nazar!

A few posts ago I lead you all to believe Gunnar's costume fell under the "cute" category. That is true, when it is on the child.

This Halloween I had idyllic visions of carmeled apples, spiced cidar, the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special, and a sweet boy parading our new neighborhood as a cute dragon saying, "Twik Tweet" and "Tanks" after getting his boxed tooth decay. (Jaren and I were going to go as Shrek and Princess Fiona. This year I only thought thematically; My thoughts didn't translate to action.)

Unfortunately, our little dragon was not in his A Game tonight (he for sure has come down with something). He wanted nothing to do with his costume.

Gunnar did, however, buy into the trick or treating part. He wore his jeans and orange Halloween t-shirt with a mummy on it that says, "Mummy's Boy". At one door the lady who answered said, "Oh..." long pause, "a mummy's boy." Gunnar astutely told her, "No. Nunnie a dwagoan!" Well, you certainly fooled her Gun. ;)


(Notice Bobby, ever loyal and steadfast in these pictures.)

This shot is slightly reminiscent of the Pumpkin Patch his first year of Halloween Festivities. (Scroll down to The Patch entry to see that picture.) Hey, if Gunnie wasn't going to wear it someone should get our monies worth.
Luckily I got these pictures at the ward trunk or treat. He didn't want to wear it there either,but once he saw the other kids he jumped in. I wonder why that didn't happen tonight?
The backside of the costume. It really was a cute ensemble.

One of his favorite animals is an alligator. This was the closet thing we could find.

Not only does this dragon breathe fire, he also picks his nose. Now, that is cute.

Hope your Halloween was full of costume clad kiddos! Happy Halloween!!


Kate said...

I love the dragon costume. I love your themes. It's okay that it didn't go exactly as planned. At least there were no broken bones involved.

Paige said...

LOL -- they don't call it the Terrible Twos for nothing. Last year my friends two year old insisted on going as a cow, because that's what he was the year before. They had to cram him into his too-small costume. *sigh* Kids. You got some cute pictures!!

me said...

Dude I love blogs.. yours rocks.. this is lauren phui by the way.. and your couch looks awesome i will definetly test out the downness when i am in cali next:).. FYI Transformers ROCKED!! I had to convince the khuongster to watch it, and he actually liked it.

Kam said...

How did you find me and how are you? When are you making your next visit? How is your house coming?? Hope all is well. Thanks for stopping in to see us!
You loved Transformers? So did Jaren!! ;)Talk to you soon-

Nazar's soap box! said...

I am very shocked that no one has thus commented on the amazing artist who so skillfully carved the pumpkin. I therefore will take that opportunity to make such a comment. Hats off to that wonderful person for a job well done:) And don't worry about gun. he's cute without the dragon costume.

Danielle said...

It is always such a bummer when our kids do not want to do what we want them to do! Just wait until he is older and you wished all you were trying to get him to do is wear "that dragon costume" :o)!lol. Come visit again soon!

Matthew Engelken said...

What are we going to do with these boys now that they have found their noses? Cade's favorite new word is, "Booger." Nice.