Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween:A Review on Cuteness

Like most parents, Jaren and I were ultra excited about all of Gunnar's "firsts". His first smile, laugh, step, and Halloween costume. ;) With much care and concern I raked the stories in the mall to find the perfect costume for our little trick or treater. I had spoken with mothers who started their costume shopping early, as soon as September when the get-ups started appearing. At first I thought this was crazy talk. Seriously, why would anyone need to buy a costume that early? Come on. There are better things to do than to obssess over a child's costume. Much to my surprise, they were right. The thing is, if the costume isn't bought early then you run the chance of not having the size you need in the cute costume, and your child has to go as something really stupid like a human pickle, a pea-in-a-pod, or a non-distinctive pumpkin. Mothers these days are buying costumes in multiples sizes(because your kid might have a growth spurt in a month's time and the smaller costume might look ridiculous two inches- too short. I mean seriously, can you imagine the legs of a monkey costume coming up to the knees on a child?? The feet would be coming out of your son's/daughter's knees. That is just not cute. And let's be honest, that is what this holiday is about: dressing up and being cute. Oh, and rotting your teeth. And it's about one more thing; Halloween is about watching the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Halloween special on tv. It's compulsory, required. It's just something you have to do, no matter how old you are. Jaren and I watched it last year with Gunnar. We both agreed after that it really isn't that great of a show, but it reminded us of our childhood and that's what makes it cool. I am sure we will watch again this year.)Back on topic...Mothers these days(myself included) are buying costumes in multiple sizes and styles, taking them home, allowing their children to select the favorite, and then returning the rejects with the exception of the larger size- just in case. This is why a costume must be purchased early: So you don't get a crapped-out, too-small costume, that is not cute! I took this advice to heart while searching for Gunnar's first Halloween ensemble.

I am a thematic person. When I plan a party everything centers on the theme. When I teach a lesson, everything goes back to the theme. When we dress up at Halloween...there is a theme.

Gunnar's first year we went with a beach theme. Jaren and I were surfers and Gunnar was a shark. I loved this costume, because it was so stinkin' cute.(Key to Halloween: the cute factor.) The day of Halloween I took my little shark somewhere special to get some pictures of him in full garb. Remember, I think thematically. Where else would I take a baby shark who lives in California?

This little sharkie would have killed Jaws with his cuteness.

It was all fun and cute until he started eating the sand.

The best part of this cute costume? It matched those perfect eyes.

Last year's costume was really cute, beacause of all the accessories. Here's a hint. Jaren, Gunnar's grandparents, and I were Indians, and what does every Indian need? A cowboy. Yes-sir-ree, last year we had a super, ultra, cute, cowboy rounding-up a bunch of Indians.

He had it all: the spurs, the boots, the badge, even the handcuffs.

Good thing I put him in a pair of jean, right? Even though his naked bum is pretty cute! Check out those cuffs!

The cute cowboy and the captured Indian chief.

Now that is cute. A Malboro boy and his pipe. (It was actually just a tootsie pop. ;))

What will my son be this year? You will have to wait and see. One thing's for sure; it's cute. Now if I could only get him to keep it on...


Matthew Engelken said...

The Peanuts holiday cartoons are the best. My favorite is the Christmas show, where Charlie Brown buys the worst tree. I love the theme song for that episode, too. Please say that Gunny will be trick-or-treating with Cade in RSM this year!!

Tonya said...

can't wait to see what you guys pull together...

Are you guys staying around here for trick or treating? I hope my girls are well soon...2 sick with the flu...bad for them, I think worse for me!

See ya at Mom's night?

Talk soon...


Kate said...

HOORAY for your blog! Your little fam is just about the cutest ever. And I love reading your anecdotes. You & Jaren are both so witty. (I know from the Christmas letters he has written in the past!)
Sorry to hear about your Gran, but I'm glad you got to have some family time & breathe some clean Utah air. Is it getting better over where you live??
I could go on and on... I look forward to keeping up with your fam via blogland. Love you!

Kam said...

Kate- I am so happy to know we can keep up this way too! The air is starting to clear over here...finally! I am glad we will be able to touch base this way too! Congrats again on the new baby-