Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Patch

Gunnar's first Halloween was, of course, filled with a lot of enthusiasm. As new parents we wanted to introduce him to every festivity we could think of. One weekend we took him to a local pumkin patch with some of our good friends. That year, round, orange gourds were a little intimidating. (Or maybe he was just upset at the outfit I had selected for our harvest outing.;) But, come-on, who could resist a pumkin-head baby with such fat cheeks I ask you?)

This year, to eliminate any more disturbing pumpkin experiences, I bought him one of those drinks that come with little umbrellas in them. WE HAD NO PROBLEMS AT THE PATCH TODAY! Wow! Come to think of it he was as giddy as he could be. Lauging. Slurring his 45 words together. Stumbling everywhere. Yeah. It was great. That drink was magic; it did the trick!

The best part was when he started using the pap-
er garnish as an actual umbrella.

Seriously, the patch was full of sober fun! ;)


Paige said...

Gunnar looks like a crack up!! What was in that drink, anyway? Benedryl?

Kam said...

Ummm...bananas and strawberries. It was a virgin smoothie. ;)

Amanda said...

I remember those pictures from that first pumpkin patch experience. =]