Sunday, October 21, 2007

We are 4. Everyone, meet Bobby.

In Spanish when asking the question, "How many are in your family?", the verb ser is used to answer the question. It means, to be. Somos cuatro. Translated: We are four. I have been trying to decide why I like this better than the way we say it in English, "There are four in my family." Somos, just feels more inclusive, complete, like no one is being left out. Using the verb "to be" is so much more powerful; I think the Latins have a greater understanding of family. They say, "In total we are 10. That includes crazy Aunt Maria who's hair is a wacky shade of violet, and Uncle Julio who passionately collects dander, pollen, and dust." They never exclude anyone for being ratty, mangy, weird, stinky, or unusual, and in our family, neither do we. In the Nuzman family, somos cuatro. We are 4. (This is not, by the way, a pregnancy announcement.)
Allow me to introduce you to the fourth member of our family, Bobby. He was a gift from Gunnar's Aunt Kori when he was born; however, it has been within the last year and a half that Bobby has really become one of us. Bobby wakes when Gunnar awakes and he slumbers when Gunnar sleeps. He is a part of breakfast, tv time, painting, and he also participates when we play with play dough. He goes to pre-school, park days, and all the parties to which we are invited.
Bobby paints with Gunnar; he doesn't stay in the lines either.

Bobby loves his toonies and snacks as much as his buddy, Gunnar.

Bobby not only is a good friend and family member, he is also a protector from the noise and light that could interrupt a good sleep. (Notice the ratty edge.)

Bobby keeps Gunnar company at all times, even when sitting on the curb in the street.

Bobby attends church like the rest of us, and all other church affiliated activities. (He escorted Gunnar to the Trunk or Treat last night.) When Gunnar rides his bike, Bobby is shoved tenderly into the basket. When Gunnar plays in the backyard, Bobby is draped over his shoulder. (With one corner always dragging on the ground.) When we are outside drawing with sidewalk chalk, Gunnar lovingly prods Bobby into joining us, "Chalk, Bobby, Chalk." Bobby joins us for all of our family outings: dinners, ball games, reunions, shopping days, the zoo, the OC fair, he even comes with us to Disneyland; he is quite the traveler, and the great thing about him: he never talks back, pops off, or gives me any grief.
Yes, we are 4. While packing the bag for my boy I must also remember to round up Bobby. I have to keep my eye on him while we are out as well, because unfortunately we don't have a spare, and naps and bedtime are impossible without him. (Believe me, I have substituted replacements, look-a-like blankets, that would pass a once over by a NASA scientist, but Gunnar can sense an imposter immediately.) Bobby is losing some of his strands; we have to cut off a new string each day, sometimes two. He does have a few stains that the washer refuses to remove, and sometimes he does have a slight odor, but he's Bobby; he's one of us, and we love him, and in a true family no one is excluded for being short a few strands. ;)

I can't tell who has the bigger smile, Gunnar or Bobby. (This was in his early days; now he is a slight off-blue color.)

Bobby enjoys playing on the grass, or being used as a shawl. He's just happy to be utilized. (He really does serve several purposes.)
Bobby was even there when we welcomed Geen Bug to our family as well. (Who, by the way, has passed away. R.I.P. Geen Bug.) Scroll down the page to see another priceless pic of Bobby with Green Bug, and one of him slung over his shoulder while parading on his dad's shoulders.

Until there are no strands left to love, Bobby will be one of us. We are 4.


Paige said...

Joelle had a blankie that went everywhere with her, too. Now we don't even know where it is. I love how he is in all your pictures. Too cute. And I about died when I heard "How Can I Keep from Singing" on your blog. I was JUST listening to that exact arrangement!

Paige said...

Oh, and if you haven't been sucked into the Twilight series yet, it is a fantastic read. Not from an English teacher standpoint, but just as a fun, fast story that is really hard to put down.

ktb said...

I really thought it was a pregnancy announcement - then I thought Bobby was a dog. I'm glad Bobby is not a dog, I hate dogs.

ktb said...

I know another LDS author who has the same publisher as Stephanie Meyer (Little Brown). Her name is Ann Dee Ellis and I think her book, "This is What I Did", is better than Twilight (I know - how dare I say that)! Go to my blog and check it out.

Matthew Engelken said...

It is good that Cade gets along with Bobby. Otherwise, it could get awkward. Gunny would have to choose between Gee and Bobby.

Shannon said...

I seem to remember a time that Gunnar left "Bobby" (I didn't know it had a name until today) at our house after being babysat. That probably scarred him for life. Oh the travesty of it all!

Kam said...

I read on your blog that you loved Twilight and I have been holding my tongue ever since. You were the one to introduce me to Harry Potter, and I have been grateful ever since, but I couldn't even get through Twilight. It got way too cheesy for me...Sorry. Don't hate! ;)What do you love about them?

I remember reading about Ann Dee's book. I will take a look at it for sure! Bobby is not a dog...phewww!

Matty- Let's hope he never has to choose.

And do you remember how quickly we came running for him?