Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Tracy, Some Flare. For You. Love, Kam

She wanted some pictures with flare. This ought to do for now... ;)
Just a sneak peek from one of the sunniest shoots ever. Can't wait to share more!

p.s. Tracy, so glad we canceled the other day so we could get images like this! I had such a great time today. Off to bed now to dream about that delicious treat: a chocolate, carmel, and pecan covered pretzel...yum-a-licious! Thanks again!!


Reb said...

which lense did you use for the flare?

kam said...

Bec, I shot this with my 28mm 1.8. ;)

Micha said...

how fun. i left you a little something on my blog. hope things are going well!

Jennifer P. said...

Hey! I recognize that rusty brown building ;)! I LOVE the light in that one---can't wait to see more!