Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rain Cloud

This week feels like I have the proverbial rain cloud above my head. You know the week; the one when nothing goes right. Your hair is limp, your clothes are decades too old, your children spit up and poop on you, every word out of your mouth is unbelievably incoherent, and everywhere you go it feels like people stare, like there is a scarlet letter across your chest. Know the week? Anyone else having it? Or is the rain cloud mine and mine alone?

It has been a bummer and I have been blue.

THEN...I got this and this.

Coleen, thanks for the nod. You made me feel so happy!

Micha, thanks for your thoughtful words. You pushed away some of the grey!

The sun will shine again, but until I get out of the funk...where's the ice cream? ;)


Bethany said...

Chin up!! I know "the week," believe me! Hang in WILL get better!!

Jennifer P. said...

Yeah--I've actually been having one of those weeks too. I've had TWO blizzards and it's only Wednesday! There seems to be a feeling of gloom hanging over the whole city here. But--things great and small always do come to pass--thank goodness! Glad you got a few nods to cheer you up :)!

shannon said...

I'll bring the spoons.

Nicole said...

No, it is one of those weeks. Yesterday was particularly great and involved alarm clock failure, vomit, and a flat tire. Good times! :)

Reb said...

Kam, here hug yourself and then look at my picture. Here's a hug for you. Did you get my stuff? BTW?