Saturday, January 10, 2009

because: arizona photoshoots

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Because this sister-in-law is great therapy,
because this sister-in-law knows what I am going to say before I even say it,
because this brother-in-law makes me laugh uncontrollably,
because this nephew has a huge crush on me,
because I have huge crushes on these nephews,
because Gunnar loves his cousins like they were his brothers,
because I love these people so much,
and because my camera has been asked to do some traveling I am going to be in the Mesa/Gilbert area during the week of March 7th-14th. I have some time still available if anyone is interested in family, maternity, baby, kids, or whatever pictures!! ;) Just drop me a shout-out at and we will set a date, time and place. I am looking forward to the time with family and the time photographing new friends in Arizona. I look forward to hearing from you!


Kate said...

It's a dream come true for me! ;) I'm going to email you right now.
P.S. Your relatives are stunning!

Paige said...

When is your camera going to need to travel to Oregon??

Jennifer P. said...

I'm traveling TO your camera! Though I don't know what to wear---I'm baffled! Maybe I should make a tool belt too :)?!

The Ritchie Family said...

Hi Kamee - I am Janell Raica's friend in Tucson and I would be willing to travel to you with my kiddos to have some pics taken by you. I am way overdue for some of them. Let me know -- We could do any site of your choosing, as I do not know that area very well. Only if your schedule permits, of course! Many Thanks and Hugs to you and your beautiful family (that baby is scrumptous!!)

lauren said...


Tiniel said...

hi, came across your photo blog by pure chance and i'm so happy i did! could you post on this and reply to me? i was wondering how you post your photos so large on your blog? it looks amazing (the pix are amazing too, wowee). just an ametuer photographer myself who wants to post big :)

kam said...

Sorry for the delayed response...the big pictures...I tinker with the html coding to make more space and then load them through photobucket... I know that is a super general explanation, it would be tricky to list the specifics in a comment post. Email maybe? Or a phone call? Or we could meet up and play around with it if you live in CA. ;)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Found you through Jen P's site...can your family be anymore beautiful! Love to hear about such sweet fam relationships. I can relate. The cousins are growing up as siblings, and it's the best! :)

Tiniel said...

AH thanks so much, I'll try from there... I live in Idaho and have only been to Cali once (death valley, it was sweet!) I'll start with that... and I'll keep checkin' your site for awesome pix. T :)