Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year's Wish

May you listen more closely to the whisperings of your own heart; may you follow them.

May you stand a little taller for the things you believe in; may they bring you true happiness.

May you enjoy the colors of your life and the people who put them there; may there be more vibrancy this year.

May you eat as you wish; may you walk a little farther the next day. ;)

May you smile more, laugh more, love more, and judge less.

May you see life's glitter as it reflects off the ocean's waves.

May you have a resplendant new year. xoxo kam and fam


mozeewozee said...

Absolutely precious! Same to you as well :)

Lisa said...

mozeewozee, are you related to kameewamee? I will certainly take you up on that resplendant new year, life is so full of beauty each day. Thanks for the beauty you share and inspire, and may your new year be amazing!

Jennifer P. said...

oh look! She got Gunnar eyes! Lovely!!!

Looking so forward to seeing you in two weeks and counting ;)!

Vickie said...

Super cute, I love the pictures!!! I can't wait for our kids to get well again so I can come sqeeze that cute baby girl. We miss you!!