Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Gunnar, much to my dismay, doesn't sleep in. He is an early bird. I hate it. Actually, I wouldn't hate it that bad if I was getting enough sleep. In fact I wouldn't mind being up early to get a lot of things done, but when your nights are like mine, being up with the dawn just isn't that appealing. Gun on the other hand loves to get up in the morning, and believe me, there is no warm-up time. The second he is awake he is ready for action. The kid is energy from sunrise to sunset. I tease him at times that I want to find his batteries and pull them out...just for a moment...so I can breath...or close my eyes for 15 minutes when the baby is asleep. 

He's busy. 

That's just the way he is, and that's cool.

But this morning something different and miraculous happened.

The boy slept in!

Until 8:30! I actually had to wake him (Which I hate!! I strongly subscribe to the "never wake a sleeping baby" notion. I think it is sad to wake anyone from a good sleep...)to get him ready for school.

I knew he was in a deep sleep when I started getting ready in the bathroom and he didn't even budge. He was sawing logs.

There needs to be an audio caption for this shot. There was noise coming from every orifice.

"Awwwww Mom! Go Away Mom! Five more minutes!" He seriously kept telling me he wanted to stay in bed. I almost checked for fever. Stay in bed? He has never asked for that. 

It is painful looking at these. He was in such a good sleep. I seriously hate to be woken from good sleep.

There was some gnarly dragon breath coming from his mouth; believe me, the little boy's got it in the morning!!

Finally, some life. Even though it was the evil eye, which I expected to get, he was coming-to.

He tried one more time to fall back to sleep, but I just couldn't let him.

He started licking off last night's toothpaste in a feeble attempt to rid his mouth of the stink bugs.

Two seconds after his eyes were good and open guess what he said, "What doing today, Mom?" Translation? What are we doing today, Mom? 

Gunnar, May you learn to appreciate the beauty of sleeping...through the night...and in. I love you sleepy head!! xoxo Mom


*Jess* said...

LOL!!! The first thing I would have done is check for fever, too! The only times my kids sleep past 7 AM are when they are sick! This post was too cute. And poor Gunnar... I can't blame him for giving you the evil eye when the first thing he saw was a camera in his face upon wakening! :)

Jennifer P. said...

My kids have always woke up between 6:30 and 7, no exceptions. It's been so nice that the older ones are starting to learn the joy of sleeping in now.

I loved his "stink eye" picture! ane loved seeing Bobby again too :)

Sherami said...

Oh my gosh, Kam! These pictures are classic! Harrison is an early riser too, but every once in a while, but some kind of miracle, he sleeps past 8. If I say anything about him getting up early he always says, "But mommy, ya hay sol!" How can I dispute that?

From Russia With Love said...

Loved it! What a sweet and funny face! I can see from the pictures how hard it was for him to wake up -- especially after all those days of being an early bird. I know you can relate to it too -- we've all had those days when we just want to sleep a little longer. Miss you all -- Grandma Nuzman

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Morning breath is the worst, isn't it..and they don't completely understand it yet when they're so cute and little?! My kids idea of sleeping in is 6:45 and then the days we HAVE to be up for a reason one of them (one of my youngest twins who is the clock in the house) will sleep in and we don't get to appreciate it!! Go Figure!