Monday, August 11, 2008

Tammy, it's Kamee

I have a girlfriend I love to chat with. I like calling her, and even though she can see it is me on the caller id, I still think it's fun to say, "Hi Tammy! It's Kamee!" Oh the simple pleasures of my world...
Speaking of pleasures, it was a very special pleasure to shoot Tammy and her family last week; we had a really great time!!
I enjoyed every minute of this shoot!!
Tammy has an affinity for photography too and has even started her own business; she is very successful and has a keen understanding of how to caputre life as it unfolds. I read on another girlfriend's blog a while ago how intimidating it is to shoot another photographer; I can emphathize with those feelings now. I have been an admirer of Tammy's work for some time; when she asked me to photograph her family I felt so honored to think that she would choose me. Thanks Tam!! I have always loved Tammy's spunk, interest in people, and easy-going mellow attitude. She is "no-drama" and is so fun to be around because of her attitude, positive perspectives, and honest encouragement. I look forward to any time I get to spend with her.
Tammy's husband, John, is a super busy business man!! He recently was granted two weeks of leave; if it hadn't been for his furlough from work I don't know when we would have been able to make pictures happen; he is busy...all the time, but never too busy for his family. I have always admired that about him.
I was so magnetized to the way they interacted with their children; their family really is so close. It was a gift to experience their love.
Andy is their first born. He is one of the most polite children I have ever met. He never interrupts, always says excuse me, listens closely when someone is speaking, and never complains or whines when he is told something contrary to what he wants. I also love that for the longest time he called me, "Gunnar's Mom".
A is for Andy and...
Ashley!!! I left the orange soda mustache; it was so suitable for her. I love the sprinkles on her lips too. ;)
This little gal is charm personified. She is so chatty and girlie!! I love it! She is also a candy fan!!!
If I had a skirt like this I would wear it every time I ate candy.
A little disobedience... Tammy and I both saw this sign and then almost immediatly and in unison said, "Let's put her up there."
Oh, to have a sister who is as tough as a big brother, and to have a big brother who truly loves his little sis.
Such sweet kids. Sure there won't be more Tam and John?
The children are an excellent compliment to the original family members, but alone these two make a most enjoyable pair.
I love my family so much that sometimes it hurts. I also love being in the presence of other families that are perfectly content just being together, present, and alive in the moment.
Tammy, John, Andy, and Ashley-
The four of you are something special; I have always known that though. Thanks for thinking of me and for the afternoon at the fun zone. The island was cool, but it was all of you that made it fun. Can't wait to see you this weekend. Here's to eating as much candy as we can- Gunnar's Mom


*Jess* said...

awesome portraits, as per usual! You have such a touch :)

Sheryl said...

Loving your view of all that is family at it's best!

Bethany said...

WOW!! LOVE that third shot up from the bottom...the one with the munchkins on the shoulders! What an amazing shot!! Of course, they are all amazing, but something about that one really captures me!!

shannon said...

These are awesome, and I'm super jealous of your day of fun together. Missing both Tammy and Kamee :(